girlie #3 is here!

Welcome to the world our cutest little sister Gwen :) Yeah for me for finally going into labor on my own... kinda a weird experience but so exciting and fun! She was born Saturday at 11:37am and weighed 8lbs 12oz. She is the best sleeper (knock on wood) and Eden and delia couldn't be more excited! Once Lee and I recover and catch up on sleep I'll post some more pictures.


camera one camera two camera one camera two

I'm redoing the girl's bedroom since the swapping of rooms for baby, and I want to put up several big pictures of the girlies. Here's a set that I snapped randomly one day as the sun was going down. Lee and I can't agree/ decide on which are our favorites. There will be several more on the wall, so its not life or death, but which do you like best (just for another opinion. because I value outside opinions.. especially with photography)

delia in #1 #2 #3 or #4 and Eden #1 #2 #3 #4

ps.. did you know I don't like capital Ds so I only write delia's name with all lowercase? I know I'm weird... do you think they'll make an exception for her in kindergarden?


Off to school she went

We've now grown accustom to the separation of 2 cute girlies, but I wanted to remember how sad it was that first day Eden went off to school. Delia wanted to go through the gates and to class too!
Classic 1st day of school picture in front of the front door. Gotta love it!
Delia was so sad and cried as Eden left. We went to Sonic for ice cream after to dry the tears.... and girl after my own heart :)


Boogie Nights at Lake Powell Music Video

Lee went with his Aunt & Uncle / our favorite people to Lake Powell last week. To say I was sad that me and my huge belly missed out was an understatement! They are crazy, had so much fun and... I've NEVER been before! Here's a sample of what they were up to! Caution: You may not be able to handle all of Lee's body rolls... but then again, that's just Lee :)

I couldn't upload the video but here's the link!