What's more fun?

What is more fun than 2 little Porter girlies? THREE little Porter girlies! Holy cow! we found out we are having another girl and I secretly couldn't be more excited! (I had to put on a little disappointment to comfort Lee;) We had an ultrasound last week and apparently we make a pretty great girl baby because we seem to be pros!
Delia has been wishing for a girl, and Eden is realizing she is missing out without a brother in the house... so when I told the girls, Delia sat there with her mouth wide open in amazement for a good 30 seconds. They are so excited!
If you'd like to donate to the Porter Girl wedding fund that Lee has already set up.... just kidding! And bring on the ruffles!


delia aka picky

It's happened... my baby is THREE years old. That's not quite a baby anymore, would you agree? Last weekend we had what seemed like the whole neighborhood over for a BBQ to celebrate delia turning into... as she calls it "a big girl" (I'm not convinced yet)
delia has started going to girls chorus on Wednesday afternoons with Eden, so I guess she isn't a toddling baby anymore. The songs they are learning right now are my favorite! They are Shirley Temple songs... so I suppose that is how we decided to have an animal cracker birthday party. delia and Eden walk around all day singing about the animals they have swallowed :)

Lee is always so sweet to contribute with his skills in the crafting department and made the animal balloons and her birthday hat. I love how everything turned out. (Lee also painted our lawn chairs for my birthday. You can see one in the background of this picture. Behr paint has a primer they can add to any color so that it can be painted on metal. Way more selection than rustoleum's bright yellow and brighter yellow. The paint was called A June Day and I can't wait for the June days we'll relax in them with me and my big belly and watch the girlies run around in the sprinklers :)

I was talking with my friend about how delia makes so so so so so so many silly faces. It is almost impossible to get a picture with her where she is smiling and looking at the camera. She might have a little too much of her Dad in her :) Exhibit a:
Things that I am loving about my delia right now:
-she is so excited for us to have a baby. She wants it to be a girl and kisses my little bulge every second she can.
-delia is so proud of the little things she is starting to accomplish by herself. Like buckling her sandals, and doing her car seat latch. She even made her bed today all on her own without being asked :)
-She will spout out twinkle twinkle little star to anyone anywhere for an impromptu concert
-delia literally spends half of her day in the bathroom. Ask me where the restroom is in any store in the valley and I can tell you. We have become pro at not touching anything in public bathroooms (I HATE public bathrooms)
-delia is my best eater
-she can keep up with us on bike rides even though her little bike's wheels are 2 inches around and her legs are just a blur she has to pedal so fast
-I think I have had post traumatic stress syndrome for all of delia's life and worry about her every day...

I am so so grateful she came to our family and she will guarantee make us laugh all the day long. I love you pickily poo!


Yellow Posies

Is it really almost half way through March?! I guess I have been hearing a lot from Eden lately about March coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb.

I've been super busy lately repainting our kitchen and hosting a baby shower. I took a picture this morning that shows a little from each project I did. HUGE thanks to Candice and Leah for all their amazing help and sorry if I was bossy, now you know to never get roped in to throwing a party with me huh?! :)

We are now the proud owners of a 6'x4' chalkboard in our kitchen and I can't wait for all the fun things we will do with it!

Next Up: delia turns three!