Grim Grinning Ghosts!!!

Whewww!!! what a week! Halloween is my favorite holiday, but shesh! the older kids get and the more parties etc we have... I am totally wiped out!

Monday: Went to the dr 1st thing in the morning. I was only 16.5 weeks along, but the dr asked if I wanted an ultrasound and I told him it was our 8th anniversary the day before. Wouldn't it be an awesome present to surprise Lee with our baby's gender?! Well turned out to be a SUPER GOOD AND AMAZING present, because next thing I knew, I was at costco ordering hotdogs for lunch. Wrapping our little baby boy's ultrasound pictures around a weenie for Lee's lunch and driving to his work to surprise him. It was a hoot!Speaking of hoots, super fun cupcakes that the girls decorated this week:

Wednesday: Gwenny chowing her pumpkin pancakes. Yummm.

Thursday: Annual Halloween Dinner Carnival with friends. Always a pleasure. Full of magic, lizard lips, and dragon's tounges this year.
A fantastic witch's brew and lots of immagination. As a mom I am learning kids just love being together in costume, playing uninterupted. Which is fine with me.... I kinda like to talk :) Candice hosted this year and had such fun activities. The kids put together a witch's brew from a selection of crushed skeleton bones, dragon's tounges, ghost's hearts, lizard lips, and a few other creepy and super fun ingredients. The kids were GROSSED out! Later when Candice pulled a switchero and traded the pot of brew for a yummy slush they were all too scared to taste it.

Friday: Eden took mummy wrapped water bottles for their class Halloween Picnic.

Saturday: Neighborhood chili cook off and trunk or treat.
The girls LOVED getting into costume and complete make up. I am totally loving their ages and little personalities. Not to mention my sweet little kitty Gwen who loved to walk around and swish her tail. That girl. And can't end this without showing off my hilarious Lee's character this year.

He was Hot Rod and didn't break character.
Well.... maybe for a second when his stunt went wrong and he clocked the neighbor boy with his skate board.

And I'm off to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. Oh, and scrub my face so I don't have green pores in the morning.


coming up for air

hmmff. life happens, whether you blog about it or not.

But, to help me remember, here's a few things that we've been up to since 05/10.. yikes I haven't really blogged for that long!!

August: took the plunge and started cooking baby porter #4; I'm completely sick and avoid the world at all possible costs. no.... really.

September: Lee turned 30 and I surprised him with a trip to Boston.
Had too much for for too short of a time. The girls stayed home with Liz and they may like her better than me all because she bought them a zuzu pet and a butterfly barbie. hmm.. anything else for September? Ohhhh yes. Killed ourselves, no wanted to kill ourselves helping move my dad and sisters out of their house. The Jones' Family Home? RIP.

October: awesome General Conference, Went to The Land and Sea World for October Break, still feeling sick...... and still to come? Annual PCC, Killer Demolition Derby at the State Fair, 10 year MHS reunion that I choose the state fair over (Sorry, too expensive for what it will be... and have you beem to the semolition derby?!, 8 year wedding Anniversary, and the best holiday of the year!!