Cute with a cherry on top

Holy cow I am ready for Halloween! Think this would be cute for me?
Nah... I'll start saving right now to get one for one of my girlies! So cute! This
etsy shop has the cutest things for girls ever!


Summer part one

All right... so 72 hour I felt like I was going to die flu, T minus 10 weeks until baby, working on my tan/loving weightlessness on my bellie in the pool means not much to blog about. But, to keep up with remembering our summer here goes:

Sisters and I went out to breakfast at the tasty Giant Hamburger on our Mom's RIP day. Who wouldn't approve, you can get breakfast and french fries all at the same time :)

If you want a book you can't put down and want to feel like you're the best mom ever... read this book. It made me want to switch my career to social work so I could help the crazy people out there. But I'm not sure these people's story could be helped

I've been working on my HUGE to-do list before girlfriend #3 comes. First handmade project down... too many to count to go! I crochet a blanket for each of my babies as I'm waiting for them to get here. Now I just need to make her bedding. I'm using this material I found thrifting and am so excited!

Next up: paint great grandma schnepf's dresser bright red, sew girlie's crib bedding, make 30+ attractive orange felt flowers for girls camp, order bunk beds for big sisters and the list goes on...



Grosgrain is giving away a dress from my favorite dress company! Someday when the hubby is raking in the benjamins, my girlies and I will be head to toe every Sunday in their attractive goods! Give it a go and try to win too!