Enjoying Eighty Degrees

As we all know it is going to be 150 degrees in a short few months. After all... its already feeling a bit warm and its still February my friends. :) But heck, I say embrace it and make sure you get an adorable swim suit here or here because you are going to be living in it ALL summer!
Here's how we are enjoying the amazing weather.

We have Wonderful Maya Drew over for the weekend while her parents are in Rocky Point & Eden thinks she has gone to heaven! On thursday they played so so so hard outside their feet looked like this by the end of the day:

Thanks to this amazing guy who stayed up until 2am on thursday night putting together a &*#@ swing set as he might call it so the girls could have another day of pure fun! (I guess the man who put the kit together for the swing set knew nothing according to Lee :) Never buy a

Middleton Swing Set with See Saw from Toys R' Us unless you want to spend a good 5-6 hours putting it together!


February 23, 2008

I must have been a very NICE girl this last year, considering the rockin B-day festivities we had all weekend long..... or maybe people just feel bad for me since I've reached my late 20's. :( Oh well! What ever the reason, boy did we have an awesome time! Friday night We went to BENIHANA for a scrumptious dinner with JP(lee's brother) and some of his friends. Our birthdays are just days apart so we shared the birthday treat. Sorry the picture's so crappy, I guess its made in China.
After dinner, Lee & I didn't want to go home (since my nicest friend EVER Leah was watching our girlies... on short notice and 2 days before she had her baby! Congrats Leah!)
So bein the crazies we are we hit up the town and went shopping for a while, then felt the need to fill our bellies again (like we were even hungry?!) And made a stop at my favorite place for my favorite dessertThat's Cheesecake Factory :) Ohh and ps... did I mention my sweetest husband ever knew exactly what I wanted and picked up a camera the size of my cell phone for me?
Saturday we partied with my favorite people to dateand ate at a tasty little diveand then played a serious round of bowling where my children copied the Juvenile Delinquents in the lane next to us and learned to break dance and did I further explain our White Trashness in that delia would NOT keep her shoes on, was wearing mardi gras beads and won a woopie cushion with her arcade tickets? What's worse is that she and Eden were fighting over the vulgar prank so we had to get another one... and now my husband has reverted back to his 5 year old boyish ways and is sticking it on my chair as I sit down to Sunday dinner!and then back to my parents house for some cake and ice cream and a rousing performance from eden (as always)


I LOVE spring, especially little girlie spring dresses. I've almost decided on our location for my little girl's next pictures. I've been trying to take some every 6 months. Now my mission for this week is to find their dresses. I'll let ya know when I'm ready to shoot them and show the finished product. Don't you just love this time of the year with the blossoms on the trees and bulbs coming up and Easter just around the corner?!


Eden the Artist

So, I guess its either time to take new family pictures or put Eden in art class. She seriously draws like 4-5 pictures a day. She said I'm on the left because I got a hair cut, she made Lee's eye black because "he has those circles around it" and she said she erased her mouth because it was weird on the side. :)
Yesterday as we were running out the door to go to singing group Eden HAD to run back in the house to get paper so she could draw a picture for Miss Candice. She loves that woman :)


Moms that know

At our last stake conference Lee and I were at the adult session and one of the speakers was taking about the Mothers who know talk from last General Conference. I had an idea. So a couple of months later I am finally putting my idea into action.
I was thinking about how I could plan for my children to go to the Temple and on missions when they are little, and I wanted something physical they could have to work towards their goal. I thought to make Temple Jars, so for FHE on Monday we had a lesson about families being together forever and then we made Eden a Temple Jar.
We gave her all the spare change lying around the house and told her she could start saving for her own pretty white dress for when she goes to the Temple. When we have boys then we can have a picture of the Temple and pictures of Lee on his mission on their jars. Hopefully she will want to fill up her jar. ps- why does delia love to make hideous faces?!

And on a side note, I just wanted to show off my amazing find at the store the other day. I found these cloches. I saw some in a magazine at Halloween time and was obsessed. Online they are a little pricey, but I found mine for $7.99(12'') and $13.99(18") Nice deal.


The Day to LOVE

So shouldn't we share our feelings with the ones we love every day of the year?

I especially love Valentines Day for the fun little things.....pink milk, heart shaped french toast and lots of hugs and kisses :) I seriously love this guy!
He keeps getting sweeter every year. He knocked on my door last night at 11:30, just getting home from laying tile in his aunt's bathroom after a long day of work and school and had an arm full of flowers for me! He said he wanted me to have flowers for all of valentines day, so he stopped and got me some yesterday. Seriously Lee P I love you!



Seriously! How has it been so long since I updated?! Can I say I've been busy? no.. not really. So how bout a really long post to catch up on the Porter House.

Lee and I were invited to go to Durango with his boss. They have a home minutes away from Purgatory Ski Resort and it was AMAZING!

We rode up with Lee's Aunt & Uncle Liz & Steve. They are friends with the Lotts(lee's boss) and decided to come too. I seriously LOVE them and was so excited to spend some time with them. I love to talk to them and get insight on their amazingness of parenting. Did I mention they have 5 seriously professional children? Seriously, I want to be like their family... they are awesome! K- so enough Porter love...
We took a couple extra hours on the ride up for Steve to take pictures. It was alot of 80mph driving and then slamming of the brakes to pull over for just the right shot. :) But, we didn't die and check some of these out... I think it was worth it.

The Lotts home was just beautiful and planned/built for tons of fun people to come stay and have the best time ever. And we totally did. Here's Me & Lee getting dinner together.

Wednesday we drove up and Thursday & Friday was for skiing/boarding.

There was SO much snow! When I have gone snowboarding in the past it has been to Sunrise, Snowbowl & Sundance. Seriously... that was NOTHING compared to Colorado. Here's the size of the icicles on the houses
So the 1st night it was -30 and -4 that morning as we were getting ready to go out for the day. I have never been so cold. We had neck warmers that covered the rest of our faces that our beanie&goggles didn't cover. You had to be completely covered when you were going down the mountain or it was FREEZING! Here's Liz & Steve, you can't really tell it's them with all their business on :)
Here's Lee with his game face on. He had to show up his boss Kevin and prove he could carry his own weight.I think he performed well :)
So here's just a few more random pictures of the trip courtesy of Steve :)

The second day of skiing it snowed tons.. By the end of the day you couldn't even see up the mountain. But we still finished with a smile :)Here we are hanging out after a long two days of skiing.
Lee might have fallen alseep point two seconds after dinner & I'm pretty sure he was alseep here too. He plays hard ;) Thanks so much to the Lotts for inviting us and being such wonderful hosts. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous home with us.