Sorry I have been lamo in the blog posting as of late. Boo. I guess I would just rather have clean dishes, than let you know I am doing the dishes. I know... what am I thinking?
So, you probably want to check out my work blog. Darby Elizabeth Photography is having a sale on our family pictures! Wouldn't you know, (if you are on top of things) its time to schedule your family pictures so they will be ready for your Christmas cards! What?! The holidays already?! I know stay calm. Good news is they are $200 and will include you whole family. (meaning your parents & all your siblings and their families and individual kids shots and couple shots!) Wow Amanda that is an amazing deal! I know! ( i also know i am starting to sound like an infomercial:( -boo) So get the good word out and tell you friends and family. You can get all the info through our work blog as far as signing up. Also each day we are posting more pictures of family's shoots we have done in the past-check it out!


Josh & Julie

Just some work stuff, but I thought you may enjoy it :)

Ok, Ok, Ok..... I know I am not even posting pictures of Josh & Julie's actually event yet, but this couple had an AWESOME pre-shoot! (preshoot meaning they took a whole afternoon before their actual wedding day to dedicate to fabulous pictures) This is the way to go especially because Julie was ok with using one of our dresses so that she could go all out for the pictures. I think she really owned the dress with the confidence she exuded! Congrats Josh & Julie! I hope all is well :)


for comedic value :)

ok, so I know these pictures are hideous and do no justice to my preciously adorible Delia(gag reflex for thinking my kid is cute) but I couldn't resist posting this amazing moment in today's boring happenings.
So, today is mom's working day.... which means I am glued to photoshop and my kids make a ginormous(thank you webster's dictionary) mess in the play room. After they throw ALL the play food in every which direction they then move on to the dress ups. Oh joy....
Maybe you have never frequented Wal-mart on the day after halloween, but my dear mother (bless her little heart) and her love for the holiday, she went bright and early the morning after halloween. So, walmart puts everything, I mean EVERYTHING that is halloween oriented on sale for $0.25, yes for a quarter. A few halloweens ago her and Daniel went and totally scored for like $5.00! They got the world... which included this HIDEOUS! unicorn costume which is missing the tail(does not take away from the costume's fun value) My mom gave it to Eden the following Christmas, and for weeks she would not take the grubby thing off. We were too scared to wash it for fear it would ruin the stupid song it plays when you push it's ear (hello we should have washed it first thing!)
So, long story short(I mean extremely LONG) Delia brought it to me as I was working and wanted to wear it. I was reminded of its hideousness and decided to share it with the world! I hope it gave you a smile on this fabulous friday!



This is Eden's first trip to the lake. Lee tried unsuccessfully to hold her and wakeboard, but she loved it!
So I pretty much love water! Yes, to drink as I love to stay hydrated.... but mostly to play in:) Tonight for mutual I was in charge, so we played water kickball and it turned into a slip & slide. It was so much fun! Maybe I didn't get to slip and slide enough when I was a kid or maybe I just haven't grown up yet, but I was the only leader on the slip and slide :) and I had a blast!
On Monday we went to Saguaro Lake and almost killed our family! We had such a good time with our friends Jeff & Jenny Guerecki. They love to come with us and can come on short notice so we have gone several times in the last few months. I know... stop rambling and get on with the story. So, a monsoon blew in and the water got dark and choppy pretty quick. Lee decided to drive in as FAST AS HE COULD POSSIBLY GO and he totally almost hit a bouyie(sp?) I guess they extended the bouyies farther than they had been and he had been driving in the no wake zone :(
Then when we got to the dock some lady was yelling at us because I didn't have on a life jacket! Honestly, what would happen to you being a mom if you fell in with your kids? Maybe I should have written that in caps to get her point across better!!!!!
In conclusion... I love summer! Who needs a pool, just let me play in the hose and I think I could be happy enough :)


workin' the camera

Whew!! Man.... going out of town might not even be worth all the work it takes to get there! pina coladas, no kids, enjoying a fabulous steak dinner on the beach, reading all of Martha Stewart and Real Simple in ONE sitting..... oh wait! yes it is! Coming home to every single article of clothing being dirty and Eden so happy to see me that she is crying.... what more could a mother ask for. :) So Molokai (the Hawaiian island we went to) was not what I expected. I guess that's what I get for not doing my research :) staying on a working cattle ranch, wild turkeys running around down by the ocean and no surf shops. It was such a fun experience! Totally felt like we had the island to ourselves. Our bride riding down to the processional on her horse.... we were in Hawaii, but it felt a little like home :) So I will have pictures to show in a few days... I only have 4700+ to go through. Until then I thought I might show a few of our last family pictures.

Darby shot like 764 pictures.... unfortunately my akward family was only looking in the camera for like 27 :( Honestly I have us take family pictures like at least 2xs a year so we can have a few each year we can keep. Thanks Darbs for hangin' in the cornfield with us! Great work!