Salt Lake City

Whew!! Man o Man getting home from 2 weeks of living out of a suitcase really leaves a lot to do when you get back! After filling our fridge with all things good from Farmer's Market and doing a bazillion loads of laundry... I am finally getting some time to do a few things that I want to do :)
So here are some pictures from all the things we were up to in Utah....

Here we are outside the stage entrance to Capitol Theater
And here's the 1st of many trips to Chuck-o-Rama.. it was right across from our Hotel and the kids loved it... At least someone did :)
Here's Lee taking down the competition during a saltines eating contest :) that's my boy!

Eden became best buddies with the Alston's kids... I guess its because her fake mom was their real mom, so they were kinda siblings.
On Sunday we had a fireside in Orem for all the Young Adults. On the way over Eden was super bored, so she took pictures of herself. NiceEach morning we hung out with the Alstons and went around doing the SLC basics. Here's the kids at the Church Historical Museum. Eden was super excited to see a real handcart and John Taylor's pocket watch that saved his life. :)
One of the next days we went to This is the Place Monument and Pioneer Village. I highly recommend the Porter Pounder. One of the best hamburgers I have ever had. Or maybe I was just really hungry?
After this is the place we went to the Cemetery where many of the Prophets are buried. It was sweet to pay tribute to a wonderful Prophet President Hinkley.I wanted to take a picture of Eden and all her friends in SLC , so I approched them as they were laying out in the shade. Eden was crossing her arms and I asked her not to for the picture. She said... "But mom, I'm just thinkin about what Jesus whould be thinkin about if he were here." So Sweet!
Here we are after a performance in the lobby at Capitol Theater. Did I mention it was beautiful.... the theater... not my husband with a beard! I might have resorted to calling him Beardo the Weirdo and withheld certain privileges until he shaved. ;)

And every night the band played in the lobby after performances. One of my favorite times was dancing with Eden and the little girlies. Here's Eden with her "fake sister" Olivia. We were dancing a chicken dance to " My old red Hen" one of our favorites.
So If you had patiences enough to look through all my pictures, I wanted to let everyone know about tickets. you can purchase them online at the Mesa Arts Center's website or at 1856themusical.com

It really is an awesome show that brings the spirit and strengthens your appreciation for our early members of the Church as it teaches of the sacrifices of the Willie and Martin Handcart Company. Hope to see ya there! Once you go you will want everyone to go see it too!


It's me!

This was a fun questionnaire for VT in our ward and I figured since it took me 20 minutes to fill out I might as well share it! I am realizing I am changing as I get older and some of my answers are changing! So fun :)

Name: Amanda Porter

Birthday: 02/23/82

Where you were born? Desert Samaritan Mesa, Az

Places you have lived: Chandler, Mesa and Gilbert.. I'm not too crazy huh?!

Favorite color: to wear.. black, to paint... yellow and in general... green

Favorite food: um... all food, but a really yummy salsa is maybe tops

Favorite treat: ice cream

Favorite flower: peonies

Things you don’t like: long dirty fingernails... especially on kids

Family info: 2 girlies Eden(4) Delia(2) 4 sisters 1 brother and 1 husband :)

Something exciting you did or you get to do: be a mom and learn something new each day!

What you like to collect: cookbooks

Favorite scent: Christmas

Favorite hobbies: cooking, talking with friends, photography

Favorite restaurant: Macaroni Grill

Favorite sport: none

Favorite magazine: well I wish I had time for so many, but the only one I consistently read is the Ensign

Favorite book: last good book I read would have to be these is my words

Favorite movie: Pride and Prejudice

What would be your dream vacation? a fun far away beach location with fun family or friends to talk play games and do lots of fun exploring somewhere like the bahamas, hawaii or down deep in mexico

Most interesting place you’ve ever been: I shot a wedding last year on Molokai, Hawaii

Dream car: after I have kids, a Jaguar

Favorite store: fun little boutiques for home and myself

Something you would still like to accomplish in this life: raise a righteous posterity

Favorite temple: Mesa



So the Porters are off to Utah for 2 weeks and we are going to have a blast. I just wanted to share what we've been up to for the last few months.

The picture above is a painting for 1856, a production we have been working on with many wonderful and talented people. Eden plays the little sister in the main family and I'll just say that tragedy strikes early on in the story. 1856 is about a family in the Willie Martin Handcart company and the trials and struggles they go through.

The play shows in Utah at Capitol Theater in SLC from the 16th-21st of June and then at the Ikeda Theater at the Mesa Arts Center from the 27th of June until the 3rd of July. You can go to their Website here and there is a link to purchase tickets in Ut or Az.

Lee and I have gone to see the play each year and it is a wonderful reminder of the sacrifices the early saints made as they crossed the plains and helps me remember my heritage each summer. I would totally encourage EVERYONE to come and share in this wonderful story, and its not just because my Eden is so cute in it! I watched the play with tears running down my cheeks each performance as I have felt the spirit so strongly!
So please come see the play and then meet us in the lobby afterwards! I would love to see you! (especially because you will have red puffy eyes from crying!)
Talk to you soon! ~Amanda


Rachel's Details

Here's few pictures of Rachel's details... in no particular order :)
My sisters and I were talking afterwards, and we decided that this wedding was just perfect. Cute country music but not cowboy, yummy mexican food but not mexico, bright colors that were so fun and nice weather, not too hot. AND did I mention the amazing bouquets?!


Things I LOVE

So, June 3rd can be a sad time for the Jones' Family, so I decided to post about things I love! Because as Emily would put it... why remember exactly how it felt when you ripped off your fingernail.. remember the good times!

I love:

This Woman

That I get to spend almost 2 whole weeks with these people away from real life! Although I do love this guys tips he gets at work.
That there are places like this on the Earth (that I better visit someday!) ~I've been editing pictures from a couple who got married in Tahiti and had their party

on a rooftop in Scottsdale. Beautiful.
But most importantly I LOVE this girl Candice for doing the biggest favor EVER! Seriously Candice, Thank you BIG time! I know you'll have a good time :)