Porters lately

Alright get ready for some randomness... so rewind back to fall break, we were sick and stayed home all week! So we crafted with sewing and coloring and cutting and decorating :)

Eden's spooky bats
delia's jolly jack-o-lanterns
face painting to prepare for costumes....
and here's a sampling of the shirts brit and I made :) sewing lessons for Brittney and she did so well!
Then on to Halloween... or the remains of our jello earthworms, notice there is a lot left, the kids thought they were too gross to eat :)
and just to keep it random, a pic or two of the girlies on Sunday before the freezing weather hit!


All the kings horses and all the kings men...

Sneek peek for the Anderson Family. Their little girlie KILLS me with her sass (something I appreciate, just not in my own girlies, at least not when its directed back at me;)

Since I'm working at getting my photo blog going, I'll post more pictures over there. :) Just training all my good little blog readers to check it out and come back often ;)

*and no worries, their little humpty dumpty fell off the wall, but didn't get hurt, just confused at why everyone was laughing at him :)


A Name and a Blessing

I LOVE my family.
I LOVE ruffled sleeve dresses.
I LOVE October weather in the backyard.
I LOVE Sunday brunch & muffins.
I LOVE all shades of pink zinnias. (Only in AZ in October!)
I LOVE Gwen in her perfect tiny white dress.

Highlights of Gwens blessing 10/10/09
*delia asking when we were going to bless gwen. Emily telling her we already did. delia questioning why gwen wasn't wet. Emily tells delia we are not Catholic?
*Gwenny's tiny white shoes.
*all my girls dresses and accessories were handmade :)
*muffins with pink toppings.