To do list:

finish baby shower invites


Trip to Costco for too many treats to fill our bellies


packed for cooler weather


We're off to the mountains to escape the heat! Wahoo!!

Here's just one of the pictures I've been working on this past week :)



Can your scissors cut through a penny and then cloth and not even snag the material?! MINE CAN!!! Am I bragging?...... well kind of, I'm just so excited :) Merry Christmas to me in July, we bought some Cutco knives that I've been eyeballing for years. Here's to easier cooking for the REST of my LIFE!!!Yesterday I went to lunch with some fun girls from my ward. It was several of our friends birthday in July, so we decided to go out to lunch to celebrate everyone's day! We had such a good time and could have stayed and talked for hours more. I am so greatful for the fun wonderful girlies in our ward!


The Alstons

We made some fun friends while we were dedicating our WHOLE loves to "1856" and became close with the Alstons.
After coming home and being super busy, we hadn't had a chance to get together, so we decided to take some family pictures and hang out for FHE on Monday. We went to the flower pool, or "Flower Ranch" as Eden calls it to swim and get some pictures done. The sky was BEAUTIFUL that evening! The only unfortunate part was after pictures the Alston kids were dying to swim, right as they were about to cannon ball in, the HOA president came and asked to have everyone clear the pool because of the huge microburst just 5 miles to the south. The kids were so sad! But, being selfish, I was ok with it, because we still got the pictures done and the sky was beautiful. See:

Here's my favorite shot of the day:


Whew! Is July almost over?!

I just wanted to catch up on blogging for like the WHOLE month of July! So, here's a brief recap of the last month of our lives, bear with me :)

First we finished up the play "1856 The Musical" Eden was so sad to end the performances, she really really had a great experience :)

The next day was 4th of July and we literally were swimming from 9am until 6pm! We had such a blast! !st we went to the Porters and had red white and blue toppings on yummy pancakes and swam with all the cousins!

This was the day the delia really decided she could swim all by herself. She really is TOO stubborn and was tired of getting help. "No Mom! I got it! I can do it!"~ direct quote.And what would a cousin party be with out playing pretty pretty princess?

After the Porters we went straight to a cast party for 1856 and swam some more! Next we went to watch the fireworks with our friends the Martineaus.
My perfect vision of my kids looking adorable in their red white and blue was completely lost after swimming all day! boo. So my kids looked homeless, but we had a great time. We sipped red white and blue Jones' sodas and Eden almost died with excitement for the fireworks! Delia was just trying to catch the embers.I have to show a picture from FHE where we made CTR shields. My girlies were so serious with their righteous muscles! I love it :)

Since we missed Fathers' Day when we were in Utah, we had our own later, Eden and delia LOVED making dinner for their dad :) Then after church we went to my dad's and made yummy steaks to celebrate our dads and my dad's birthday!


Good Morning Arizona!

Eden got her 1st appearance on TV this morning! 4 of the main characters for 1856 The Musical were invited to do a 5 minute interview on News Channel 3 this morning! We had to be down at the station at 7:30 and there was a 30 second teaser at 8:35 and a 5 minute interview with a song at 8:45! Eden got a close up on her during the lullaby song her "fake mom and dad" sang to her and then Tara Hitchcock, the news caster complimented her on her stage presence for holding so still and being so cute :) Cory, the director of 1856 said they were going to double cast Eden in case she had a hard time doing all the performances but he said she has done wonderfully! Tara said "oh you didn't need the Olsen twins she could handle the whole thing!" We'll have to put that one down in Eden's journal... getting compared to the Olsen twins on live tv when she was only 4! I can only hope she turns out just like them! ;) The clip about the play wasn't a feature, so I couldn't download it from the site, boo! I guess we'll have to watch someone's tivo to see the real thing and see if we can save it for her some how to show her when she gets older!

Here's Eden's "fake mom & dad" hamming for the camera! We love the Alstons :)