Belly flops and blossoms

Last night was a first for our family. Lee and I both have a past history of soaking up the rays as lifeguards, so we (or maybe just me) have been really excited for our girls to start swim team. Brings back memories of the good old days when I'd play with kiddos all day in the pool workin on my tan, then hit up filly b's and hang out with a group of 'chandler hotties' which included Lee :) until the late hours of the night. Oh the days of spending my WHOLE paycheck at the mall.

My heart melted to see Eden up on the starting block and racing across the pool. She has been working on her dive all week, and I'd hardly say it resembled a belly flop! :)
She had soo much fun playing cards with her friends, eating snacks and earning a ribbon!
Here's some artsy pictures of zinnias from my garden. I planted a TON of seeds because zinnias are one of my favorites. Love their bright colors saying hello from the nightstand by my bed.


little sis

have to share this cute little picture!

taken with our iphone so not the best quality but can you pass us that naughty mischevious little smile?!

gwenny is getting so big SO FAST!!!!

*and she climbed up there all by herself!! ahh! what am I going to do with her?!

more posts to come! Busy summer, lots of shooting... well shooting minus the gun and violence (yikes that sounds bad... lots of shooting?!)