Lo Siento

I'm sorry... have I been treating my blog like cliff's notes as of late? Are we really not that busy?
 Is not much happening in the storybook of the Porterhouse to record? Nopers, apparently I've just been too cool for my camera as of late :) 

Eden finished preschool and was just as cutesy for the last day as her first day (and maybe just as nervous about the change it would bring about)

We had an off the heezy Quatro de Mayo Party (it was a day early due to Lee's school schedule) and I must admit the mexican fried ice cream was most tasty... what was not tasty?
   *the hair in your mouth from stick on moustaches   
*the real mexican candy we stuffed into our burro pinata   * and watching Nacho Libre in his sweaty stretchy pants

I've begun working with all kinds of materials to make some attractive girlie extras
and last but not least seems like we've had party after party over here! 60+ people over to celebrate Laura's ASU graduation. Props to Emily for the most amazing celebration banner ever!
and just to add for funsies:

4 girls+ 4 hair-dos before 8 o'clock church+ 4xs the accessories+ 24 cans of hairspray( our annual consumption) = I'm excited for porter baby girlie #3 but feeling a teensy bit overwhelmed! So, I've been doing some research to find some inspiration for my projects to get us ready for Girlie III and I am loving the super talented artists from etsy. Like for instance I want to buy ALL items from this store! I died over the shoes, leggings and ruffles galore!


Morgan Senior Pictures

My niece Morgan is graduating, so we went and took some senior pictures. She is so pretty and fun! I'm getting old... its almost time for my 10 year reunion! Crazy.


College Savings

Guess quick!

Which one of these things is more expensive? 

You only get one guess so make it good.

Happy Mother's Day to me! We just got a bill in the mail for a lost library book. Pretty sure they are starting construction on a new wing in our name with the fines we've paid the place. Who ever said going to the public library was free was apparently way more organized than we are. And of course, just days after the bill the size of our mortgage came for a silly I can Read book, Eden found Fred and Ted in the My Little Pony box. Apparently Ponies like to read too.

So the answer is.....

Fred and Ted is more expensive! Especially since I just picked up a new straightener (to replace mine that got lost in Honduras) from Costco for $59! Not a bad price if I do say so myself! And yes they had many more so run and get yourself one too... Happy Mother's Day to you :)