no more need for a hole punch

So awhile back I walked in on delia sitting at the kitchen table fashioning a earring gun out of a hole punch, and I decided we MUST go get that girl's ears pierced.

Today was finally the day.

After a fun lunch with the Nelsons (and Eden remembering her very first neighborhood friend) hugs and goodbyes to Tatum, we decided delia must pass this lifetime milestone. (she was ecstatic!)

Too much shopping from the Moms & grumpy girls made me decide we needed to wait until Dad got home to brave the ear puncturing, so after a quick bike ride we headed to the store.

Who knew Pickily-poo would be so brave? They had to do one ear at a time and she didn't cry or even complain. Just grinned from ear to ear... the proud
little devil.

She is more than excited and wants to touch them every second. So brave :)


Christmas 2008!

Ok ok ok...

So I have been horrible at blogging as of late! I think next year I am looking at my blog as our family journal and am going to make it a goal to keep it updated. (2009 goal #1)Maybe my incentive will be to make it into a book at the end of the year hmm? Here's our Christmas card for this year. No one has seen it because I have yet to send it out! But hey... see the girlie's ADORABLE Christmas dresses? Yeah I made those without a pattern and lets just say I'm no grograinfabulous. But I'm sure with practice I'll get better :) (2009 goal #2)

Here's what delia thought of the dresses.
Whaaaa. A mother never gets a break.

So I have many a more posts that I have wanted to share, my camera's card needed formated and my mac wouldn't read any pictures and annoying things like transfering images from Lee's computer to mine don't hold my attention very long.

But no worries... it's in the works, and Eden's 5th birthday is in the planning stages so we'll talk again soon!


Earbug's eyes

So apparently the world through Eden's eyes has been looking a lot like this lately:

She says she doesn't like carrots so everything got fuzzy. This is her at 7:58am this morning. 1st things 1st... she needed to put on her glasses we constructed out of pipe cleaners yesterday. Apparently they are her prescription and "cleared" up the matter :)

And since you got to see Eden bright and early this morning I wanted to capture delia and what our mornings are like right now. Every morning when delia wakes up I am usually on the computer editing, checking email and the likes.
(Hence the computer glow) She always crawls up and snuggles me in the down comforter all wrapped around us. She is holding a bunny dolly that I made with my mom when I was little. I'm so glad I saved all the fun little projects my mom and I made to let my girlies love.

Happy Morning!