Our Life: 2007

Here's some pictures and storyboards I was printing at costco and decided I ought to share.



It all started with an innocent banana. I just wanted to throw out an example of how my day goes. My case in point isn't exactly what always happens, but something just as ridiculous.

I give Delia a banana.
Delia's banana breaks in half as she is holding it and it drops on the floor.
Mom picks it up. Gives it a good brush off and gives it back to her child.
Delia then continues enjoying her late afternoon snack as she waits for Dad to get home with the pizza.
Banana munching continues.
Eden and Delia yell to Mom for a drink.
I come in and pour the water.
I hand the cup to Delia.
Delia instantly drops her banana on the floor to get her drink.
Delia looks down at her banana on the floor. Exclaims "Uh-oh" and bends down to pick up the banana.
Delia spills her water all over the floor.
Mom gets a paper towel for the girls to clean up their mess.
The girls start to clean up the water.
Mom comes back into the kitchen a few minutes later to check the clean up progress.
There is more water on the floor and both girls are dancing in their puddles of water.
Oh the joys of silly little girls.


Eden Talks

Hi, my name is Eden and I'm 4. I like taking pictures (especially with my mom's camera) and I got my very own camera for my birthday from my Grandpa. Here's a picture I took of him
Grandpa thank you so much and I will give you a special kiss for giving me my camera.
Annie thank you for taking pictures of Yellow. I love her :)
And here's a picture my Daddy took of his three girls. We love each other!
My mom loves her girls to be photographers too. She says it makes her happy!


A well known fact about birthdays is that you advance a year of age. Eden was going to turn 4 years old. The only thing stopping her was.... she needed to blow out the candles. You may not know that you do not become a year older UNLESS you blow out birthday candles. Here's Eden on New Years Day.

The Porter's like to go repelling to start out the New Year. We brought cupcakes to Bulldog Canyon to celebrate the day. Mind you we were a little premature on the celebration as her birthday wasn't until the 3rd, but we kinda heart cupcakes :)

And don't worry, she got to blow out the candles like 3 times. So does that mean she really turned 12?


Christmas with the Porters

My new 2008 self is going to do alot more in- depth blogging. You will get to know the real Amanda Porter. What I am really about, what I really like & other fun shtuff like that.

Christmas Morning:
The Jones' & Fletchers woke early & made the trek to our house to wake my babes with Christmas Spirit. All were excited for the day.

Unfortunately Santa was unable to bring Eden a real kitten (named Snowball who has white hair, green eyes, a pink nose and a pink bow) but he was good enough to leave a note explaining that the kitten was afraid to ride on the sleigh. Oh well Eden, maybe next year when Mom is nicer :)