red, white & blue

I hope your Memorial Day was as SWEET as ours was! We worked in the backyard all morning, then went to a BBQ at Lee's friend's house Jeff. His friend Kai was in town from Chicago and we got to see his kids Drake and Kaila! They were so much fun and Eden loved roughing it up with a boy!


look whose back!

So! I haven't blogged forever! My computer was getting the bugs worked out of it and I was going crazy without my mac. amanda p.+mac=true love!! How people get along with a pc I will never know?! So I just wanted to post my latest craft project. I made a frame for the girlie's room. I will have you know, I even power tooled it up and cut the wood and nail gunned it together! Who needs boys?


father wayne

Just found out yesterday that yours truely gets to attend a wedding in Hawaii this July!!! I really hope the couple hired Father Wayne for their ceremony because he could very quickly become my new inspirational icon. I am going for work so, I will be photography mindset, but with amazing scenery! The first picture is of the couple we are privilaged to photograph, aren't they cute? So, think of me this 4th of July because I will be soaking up the rays!

Amanda:) ps. just kidding about the couple!


Eden's Attitude

I don't know if it's because Eden has been exposed to the camera all her life or WHAT?! but she WILL NOT act normal in front of the camera. She always looks away or gives major attitude! So... I taught her to play the ugly face game and I can get her to make funny faces as I am shooting. Hey, I figure some kinda face is better that the back side of her head!