freckles of attitude

does anyone else's kid #2 have perma attitude? I was kid #2 and might have to confess to having a bit of a sassy personality. I promise it is a given attribute for us two-sers.
here's what happens when our three year old knows how to pose, but has a bad attitude for the moment. always something to grump about. oh her...

its a good thing that her freckles sprinkled along her nose and green eyes make me love her still :)

and then she's got to show off.

happy weekend! enjoy the beau-ti-ful weather!



oh avery, you are a doll.... in a boy-ish, cars and balls kinda way.



Oh man.. maybe we are really bored around here lately, but my girlies have been killing me! So much laughing over silly stuff :)

Delia poked in for a hello through the bathroom window the other day, and I died laughing at her face through the glass!

And here's Gwen after breakfast. I think she's saying 'oh man. I just pounded a clamshell of strawberries, and I'm about to explode :)'

Wish me luck, I'm off to the snow this weekend with 50 youth from our ward. I'm hoping for no split open heads or broken bones.


Nursing Kitties

(disclaimer: these pics have nothing to do with my story except that they are my cute little baby)
Nursing babies are like kitties. Except that I don't like kitties.

Yesterday was Tuesday, and Tuesdays are craft day for my sister Emily and I. She has no responsibilities for the day, and I just brought mine with me.
As Emily sat and covered every ounce of a heart wreath with glitter, I held Gwennie who was apparently starving.

While I fed her, she would not stop playing with my necklace, pulling my hair, grabbing my shirt, etc. And an image of my childhood came to my mind of watching our cat nurse her kitties. They would lay and knead her non stop while they ate. Exactly like my Gwen was doing to me. Is that what it's called? Kneading? Like
I do to my bread?

But I don't t
hink I'll put an ad in craigs list and give her away for $5 like we did with our kitties.
ps- I love the sun+Gwen in a field. She is amazing.


i"ll take the waffles please

This morning I was texting lee at breakfast.
I was bragging to Lee about how cute Gwen was, devouring her waffles one slobbery bite after the other. Obviously a mother's love.

He said 'no fair' that I got to experience that each day. Then quickly followed up saying that it was fair,... since I also get to experience the day to days of a little girl who has a bad case of the terrible threes. But, don't tell delia its just a phase :)

It made me remember that I am SO so lucky to get to stay home and clean up waffle messes, and kiss gooey faces, and teach little girls how to fold laundry.
Way better than sitting at an office 8 to 5.
So, sorry Lee, but I think you got the short end of the stick. I'd choose waffles and the terrible threes any day. And thanks for making things work so I get to stay home every day :)Syrup and all.


the grass is greener

3 girlies are really quite fun...

don't get me wrong.

ruffles, tutus, bright pink little piggy toes, the attitude :)

but oh...
to have a boy.

My friend Candice's little boy is so sweet and fun!


I heart carnies...... and lee

Today was the best day ever.

Not because

-I am behind on laundry

-I checked our bank account only to find it slightly in the negative (whoops.. some day we will manage our money better!)

-I had to wear really cute but annoying glasses because I forgot to go pick up my contacts

-delia had an extreme meltdown... twice.

But, because my Lee gave me an early birthday present and I am now the PROUD owner of my very own 70-200mm lens! and I had NO no clue and was totally surprised and confused and amazed and maybe even started crying :) maybe.

And so...
we went and took pictures with the scary carnies down the road because they have the best of colors, smell like smoke, and have really dirty fingernails.

and then Lee taught the girls how to fly.