Random Weekend Moments

So just wanted to start out by sharing a picture from a murder mystery dinner we went to this weekend. My husband's character assigned to him was a sailor, and I was a tv actress (later found out porn star... nice.) Lee might kill me for posting this picture, but I only wish you could hear the accent he did along with the costume! It was a crack up!

Then on Saturday all the Sisters went to the YW broadcast then out to dinner and a movie. We ate at Olive Garden and Annie might have been in heaven.
But then after eating her complete dinner (ok I did too, but she's a lot littler than me!) she was NOT feeling so heavenly. (hey if a little of a good thing is good then a lot of a good thing should be awesome right?)


chubby bunnies

Me and my chubby thighs are seriously going to miss these heavenly chocolates. Yes they are crappy chocolate and filled with sugar, but I kind of have an obsession with all things marshmallow. They are the undiscovered best treat of the holiday.

But don't worry, only like 340 more days until they are in the store again.

ps. you may wonder why I don't stock up... because I would eat one dozen every day (in one sitting) until they were gone and I would be so huge I could not leave my house. Literally.


delia a.k.a. Picky

I just wanted to capture the last few moments of my one year old as the sun was sinking over our block fence. I can't believe she has been mine for two whole years and what a personality she has picked up on the way!

Here's to a whole day of playing outside, flying kites, and exploring in the dirt. I think she took a little from each discovery with her (on her face!)


Sugar Rush

What does it take to make an "Egg"cellent Easter Party? Let's see...... sugar and cute girlies! more sugar crystallized sugar and cute girlies and even more sugar some"bunny" looks like they had a hoppin good time!


Guess Who's 14!!

So Annie's Birthday Party was so rockin' the Porters didn't go home until the next day at 11am!(ok we actually fell asleep on the couch at 1am and didn't want to get up to drive home. Just like Annie's heart attack hearts said: "It's your birthday, party like a rockstar!" She knows how to par-tay! We had Anne's favorite for dinner: home made noodles, mashed potatoes & brownies :) Next she opened the world of presents! That girls totally gets hooked up! Maybe it's because she is so easy to shop for. Anything High School Musical or Hanana Montana and its her favorite. (Except for that one time at Christmas, when Laura broke the bank to take her to see Hana Montana LIVE in Las Vegas and all she got from Anne was a monotone "cool." Sorry Laura :) My Dad got her a Karioke Machine and you may have heard us singing away all day long.

Things we found out as we rocked out to High School Musical:

Lee likes to get his groove on (ok we already knew that) Some of Annie's moves makes you wonder if she would make a good living dancing the pole.

Delia likes to drool into the microphone and

Julia gets embarrassed easily :)


I LOVE America

Just a quick thought for the day. I'm not about being pessimistic, I just like to be educated and holy cow is this man full of information. Meridian Magazine interviewed Stephen M Studdart who has worked at the white house since he was 26 years old. He explains many national issues at hand and how we can live with our houses in order. :) I guess I just like these articles because it scares me into being even more frugal :)

Here's the article.




The weather is approaching perfect, swim suits are displayed in shop windows and I already feel the best summer days ahead. SO I had to buy this last night. Just so I'm ready. :)

Check out the cutest suits EVER!
I can't wait until summer!