a bushel and a peck

Valentines may be 2nd favorite holiday next to Halloween... sorry Santa.

such a fun idea

Rainy days= staying inside and getting creative so we decided to start making our valentines.

After spending $37 on Eden's class treat for her birthday (whoops don't tell lee!) I realized I need to plan in advance and make things not just buy it all from Target.

Can you tell what we are making?
heart shaped home made crayons. presh.

we made valentines for Lee, the girls taped theirs to the front door, and I stuck mine on the wall
have you ever heard the song by dorris day "a bushel and a peck"? My grandpa used to sing it while he bounced us on his lap, and I love it. It's also on the Julie and Julia movie.. love it too... although Julie was kinda too ugly.
And here's Gwennie, her new trick is sitting up. I love her sweetness. And she is the 1st girlie in our family to say mama first instead of dada. she might be my favorite :)


definition of a snaggletooth

Eden, you have arrived!

Snaggletooth: (noun) Any child between the age of 5-11 who is missing one or more of their teeth. Extreme gappage may occur as a result, and crooked, random teeth hanging by a thread may be present.

Not to worry Eden, it is the cutest thing a 6 year old could do. And being the first in your kindergarten class to loose your top ones shows you are ahead of your age in every way right?

Now say "Sally sits by the seashore" again, just to make delia giggle :)

And get to looking for that lost tooth under grandma Funk's rocker!

Our last picture of Eden with 2 loose front teeth!You are getting so old, I can hardly believe it!


2009 a la photos

This week Eden is star student. As we were going through pictures to use for her poster, I remembered I love to see people's recap of the year in pictures. What better way to summarize the year then pictures.

- We went and took some of my favorite pictures of the girls, having a tea party. The background may have been a huge roll off dumpster, but I LOVE the color!
-Went to the snow w/ Leah and Ryker the camel. March
-Pickles had her 3rd birthday. Her party was animal crackers themed and oh so fun!

Then a few weeks later we went camping... so pretty, and had 459,068,285 HUGE mosquitoes!
-I hosted a baby shower and made these super easy center pieces. Ask Candice if she'd do them again :)Cute and look easy. Not so.

Then we found out we were adding a little girlie to our PorterHouse. May
-Lee and I got to go along on the Reflections shoot down to Honduras. Ah-maze-ing.
Really hideous picture of me.. but my amigo Nephi made the COVER of the Reflections book! I've been thinking about him a lot lately. I need to do something for his mom. June
-Baby shower for Becca.. and the last group pic of our three bumps.
-Happy fourth and delia split her chin open! August
-1st days of school! Delia cried when Eden left :( So so sad.
We welcomed Gwen to the world!
-Lee turned 28! October
-We blessed Gwenny! So tiny! November
-Fun fun joyschool party with a turkey pinata! December
-Took Christmas pictures, it was FREEZING and we maybe got one good picture :)


what would you choose for your first bite?

Welcome to the wonderful world of FOOD Gwen!
and yes.. I was on the phone while Eden was documenting Gwen's first bites. I'm a mom of three, I've got to deligate and multitask.

So FYI to the 2 readers who happen upon my blog.. I've been giving blogging a lot of thought lately. I'm kinda tired of being artificial, the posts with... hey look at this amazing thing I made, or gaze upon my craftiness, or check out this gourmet dessert.

Because when I just spelled gormet, I didn't even spell it right :)

So my New Year's resolution is to change my blog to serve completely as a family journal. Its going to be the day to day, the ups and downs, and the not so perfect.

From now on its PorterHouse Real Life.

No worries, I'll still post some fun things I make or share photos, because that's part of me and I LOVE blogs for idea sharing... but if you think it gets boring around here... I'm just sayin.. its the real me. So, take it or leave it.

And if I got to choose my first bite it would definitely be the dish sized pazookie that I ate this afternoon with hot cocoa ice cream melting on top.
I may have tossed in the towel on my new eating habits after my sis in law said she'd lost 8lbs already. She said she even was sneaking treats. No worries, I'd lost all of like 4lbs and I'm pretty sure its back after that cookie. I may have to decide that I like babyfat :)


Miss Six.

Our family went to Mccormick Train Park in Scottsdale per Eden's request. We brought a picnic and then went to get ice cream cones. Choosing between bubblegum and rainbow sherbert is always the hardest part.
It was so nice to enjoy a day of 74 degrees and not be chilly as we ate. January 2nd... who knew!Then we opened presents and rode the train.Then gazed at the miniature town.. so much detail it is amazing!But the best part was riding the carousel. Gwen might need to put jockey on her resume, she LOVED it!I am so grateful to be Eden's mom. She is such an obedient little girl and a great helper. Eden loves singing, coloring and playing pretend. She is getting good at some new things like the monkey bars, reading and being brave for shots.

I love you so much Eden, you are such an example to me!


Schnepf Family Party at the Farm

The Day after Christmas we were off to Schnepf Farms to celebrate Grandpa Max's 80th birthday!Eden was a teensy nervous before the swings took off. She said while I was uploading pics that she just wasn't sure how high it was going to go... AND I had told her to make a silly face :) Not too sure that's your silly face Eden :)Looks like we are almost as tall as the 6' pig. Yikes!
Super fun roller coaster riding! We love Catie and were so glad we got to hang out with Tara!

Gwenny Penny and mom snuggling while dad plays with the big girlies
Then we were off to the petting zoo. Maybe Lee's favorite part. Last year he had too much fun with this CRAZY goat and this year the babies would not leave him alone!
And you can't leave with out a goat ride right?
Oh! no, it was the train ride you can't miss!
But our favorite part was the long tube slide! I wish we could get one of these for our backyard!