the smell of a fireside

Sunday was Gwenny's first day at church.

Getting 3 girlies dressed and looking ready for 8 o'clock church plus me is no small feat. I may need to rely on superwoman strength for next week... good thing its conference :)

And Lee did help, but the sheer time alone to part the hair for pigtails, to curl in ringlets, to choose matching bows and flowers. Seriously supernatural powers.

So after church we all hit the hay. We haven't taken a Sunday nap in ages. It was wonderful.
Baby loved snuggling up next to her dad :)

Later that night as I was talking to the girls as they went to bed, delia comments..."Mom, you smell like a fireside."

"A fireside?" I ask. "What does a fireside smell like?"

She replies matter of factly... "Oh smokey and stuff."

I LOVE my little little girlies and the way their minds work :) I guess I never explained what a fireside was, so she put two and two together.

Maybe next time I'll bring the graham crackers.


For Leah

There's a blue fence I've been eyeing for a few years. Its bright blue and weathered, and right next to a crusty motel. Just the things I look for in a backdrop.. right? ;)

My friend Leah met me to take some pictures of her kids and their amazingly long eyelashes. Seriously, the thought has crossed my mind on more than one occasion to pluck them out and superglue them to my eyelids. I know... I'm vain.
So I snapped a few of my girlies who were there too, since the fence was feeling extra fun and bright.
ps- I LOVE Amelia, she is the happiest, smiley-ist baby. Yeah I said smiley-ist.Did I mention his eyelashes?


32lbs of sweetness

6 months ago 3 friends and I all realized we were growing a bump and expecting about the same time. Chelsie was due a few weeks before I was, Becca... a few days after me, and Corri a few weeks after me. Well, Mariah, Gwen, Davis and Brooklyn all came to Earth within a month or so of each other!

We got together on Friday and had lunch and introduced the babes to one another :) They were so funny all on the bed together. Davis was trying to eat Brooklyn's flower, Mariah was screaming in Gwen's face and they were constantly all wiggles :)


Mr. Right

I fell in love with this boy....
And am still in love with this man.

Happy Birthday Lee!

I love...
-when we used to ride in the bug and sing at the top of our lungs
-watching the stars out back on a blanket in Johnson Ranch
-how cautiously you drove home from the hospital with Eden
-painting until the early hours of the morning every night getting ready to move into this house
-going to the lake at least once a week that summer
-dancing barefoot in the kitchen after the girlies have gone to bed

You are the best thing that could have happened to me and I am so grateful for that!

I love you.


Family Photo Shoots!

Its that time of year to start
thinking about the holidays!
As in years past I am offering hour long family photo shoots for the next few months at an awesome price!
All images are yours to print/design into a Christmas card etc.
Locations up for grabs are urban: downtown Chandler & landscape: Gilbert's location TBA

Dates are first come first served, so email me asap with any questions and to book a date!

~Amanda porterhousephotography@gmail.com

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Wowzers! I just got an email with the link to Reflections new site Another Testament. Please please check it out and share it with others. I know so many lives will be affected by this project, ours already have. I am so grateful for the opportunity we had to experience the people, the trip and the testimony it bares.


special shout out to our amigo Jake for his featured interview :)


Precious Mariah

Oh goodness, I LOVE girlies, and big bows, and bling, ruffles and all that accompanies little girls! My cousin Rebecca had a baby girl just days after Gwen was born, and I am so excited for best friend cousins! I couldn't help but share this amazingly precious picture of Mariah as soon as I uploaded all of them. Such a dolly! Congrats Becca & Scott :)