Flying Ponies

We went out for dinner.

It happens alot when I'm about to give birth.

Did I just say "give birth?" Sorry about that one.

Outside the restaurant at the corner of dana park there was a fountain.

My girlies were instantly drawn to the recirculating water full of dozens of wishes made before them.

"Please mom.. do you have some money?" they begged to wish all their dreams come true.

"k" I agreed as I pulled Eden's old green purse out of my bowling-ball sized bag. (Seriously... why do they make cute bags so big, I can't help it if I carry my years supply on my shoulder)

Handing each girl a penny I told them to make it good.

The lady sitting on the other side of the fountain smiled as she quietly listen to all that was occurring.

And then she heard delia's tiny little voice in all sincerity..... "I wish I wish with all my heart...... (big pause, probably for effect knowing her personality) to be a flying pony!"

"Wow, a flying pony!" I exclaim. Surprised at her wish. "But if you were a flying pony then mom would be so sad, because I couldn't be your mom and you'd live somewhere else and I'd never see you!"

I watched delia in thought as Eden ran back inside to retrieve her forgotten chopsticks.

"Can I have another money mom?" delia asked.
Once again......

"I wish, I wish with all my heart..... (once again the dramatic pause) to be hoo-man (human but pronounced Annie style)

Oh my delia... you always make me smile. And I'm glad you want to be hoo-man and live with your hoo-man mom. Cause I love you :)


Mawage... the thing that bwings us togeva today

What do you get when you have like 20 minutes of light left and you are taking pictures of your 2 favorite people?
Well... it could have been disastrous :) lucky for me they are also super attractive! I went and took just some fun pictures for Lee's cousin Drew. We were sad we got there so late, because the place was super fun... and we had it ALL to ourselves! Possibly because its closed for the summer and we had to hop a fence to get in :) Its amazing what I'll do to take pictures... and even at 36 weeks pregnant!
We had a good time chasing the sun and goofing around and I am making them promise me to take some more..... after they get back from having fun without me at Lake Powell! Whaa!

ps- do you know where my title is from? assss yooouuuu whhhiiiisssshhhhhh


we're already 1/2 way through July?!!?

All right, so I love when my girlies and I look back at old posts on the bliggity blog and the journal it is for our family, (we love to look at pictures of ourselves) so sorry for not sparing you... I'm sure you've already seen a hundred posts about fathers day and 4th of July, but here's our version... Porter style :)

Lee's mom is so fun and cute and hosted a Sew and Swim for all the girl grandkids. She had all the things ready to make a father's day treat too.

We spent all afternoon making them, and the girlies were so super excited to give them to their dad! They begged all day to eat the extra one :) Lee said it was weird because it looked like a burger, but tasted like a dessert. The idea and templates were from bakerella and super fun and easy for the kids to do. Thanks Marlane! So fun!

Up next....

Lee and I went to San Diego for the weekend. Huge thanks to the fletchers for coming to watch our kids... although our girlies did learn a thing or two from you that I'm not sure I appreciate:
-"please bless the food that it won't kill us"
-delia- "Laura said its ok to pee in the pool"
One of the mornings we went to the San Diego Temple. So beautiful! Oh wait.. you thought I meant me and my big belly?... oh no I meant the Temple! And nice how it was the end of June and TONS of people were getting married. It must not be the desert aka AZ.
Our Hotel was the Hyatt right in the Harbor and outside our hotel was seaport village.

I remember it being cooler when I was younger. Hmmm... I guess the magic shop and Navajo flute-ists were cooler back then.
But you know what was still cool? The weather! Holy Cow! We might have just parked it on a bench and did one of my all time favorite activities...... people watched. You can never go wrong with people watching :)

Well.... back to the hot weather and the fourth of July!
We pretty much swam all day. Maybe that was the cause of delia's delerium and her jumping off the diving board pretty much straight at the deck. I thought for sure she had knocked out a few teeth... but, she just popped her chin open. The classic childhood scar. Good thing we were at the Martineaus! Their fireman dad slapped a butteryfly bandage on it and we were good to go!

We played with
15 years old fireworks.... I think the sparklers were fresh.

speaking of fresh... Lee and Shaun had a good time with the fire :) I was a little nervous with the dads and fireworks, but no extremities were lost.

We forgot to eat our patriotic suckers, but all in all... still one of my favorite holidays! Up next.... Girls Camp (at 35 weeks pregnant) I'll let ya know how that goes :)