does knocking on wood really do anything?!

Knock on wood.... but I have been feeling way less stress this holiday season! It may be because we aren't worrying about buying the world, but focusing on family and traditions and Christ.

Starting in January our family blog is merging with our
photo blog! I am ready to have everything in the same place and Lee has been helping me come up with some new great things for our photo company :)

But until then....

Here's a bit of what we've been up to:

delia's head was almost eaten alive by a hairbow while fake-ice skating

took family pictures with
awesome Wendy from Blue Lily

Eden taught us a class on how to pose for pictures out on the back patio one Sunday after church

and Gwen LOVING life before going to see the boring Tempe Christmas Lights Parade (disclaimer it hasn't been a bust in the past, but lame-o for 2010)

sidenote: I think I really down deep don't know how to change my blog header.... it has a tally and we are going to have to change the 1 boy to 2 boys, I don't know what to do about that... not as funny now that Lee isnt bombarded by girls... easy way out, merge blogs.

done and done!