what we were up to a year ago

Lately I have been thinking a lot about what we were doing a year ago today. I think it has a lot to do with my Mom's birthday and wishing I had had more time here on Earth with her. Just enjoying the afternoons we had together and appreciating the advice she would give me about my life and my kids.
Also, thinking that my Mom would be 50 years old on May 1st. How I'd be past the half way mark on my life if I finished life here when she did. I guess one thing about losing your Mom at such an early age is that I am constantly evaluating how I act as a mom to my girls. I try to appreciate every afternoon together and spend time one on one with them just reading or talking.
I am also grateful for the example my Mom is to me in my life. If I can be half as fun and creative as she was as a mom, I'll consider myself doing good.
So here's a few pictures of how we were living life and spending time together. Make sure you always hug your mom and tell her thanks and you love her every time you see her... cause you'll really miss her when she's gone :) Love ya Mom.


Your's Truely

Just a few random things about me: Amanda Porter

My favorite dessert is dulce de leche cheese cake from cheese cake factory

I once got a speeding ticket for going criminal speed

My favorite vacation spot would be either Hawaii or Rocky Point- pretty much anywhere I can wear a swim suit all day and live in the sun.

My biggest pet peeve is little kids with long fingernails- especially when they are dirty. Come on moms trim their nails!

I love Monday night movies with Lee, after the girlies are asleep

I once drove 20 miles to Chandler in my husbands 1956 bug with the emergency break on the whole way.... what is that smell? I thought. He really loves me :)

I want seven children

No matter how hard I try to chose a new toe polish color, I always end up choosing the same color. It's a dark hot pink.

I am the deepest sleeper ever

I don't like to chew gum.. and no! I don't always have stinky breath. Only after I've eaten Costa Vida.

I would kinda like to live out of the country for a few years after my kids are grown. But like in ghetto Brazil or Mexico City

I hate hate hate scary movies

I love dark chocolate... no I don't have Jungle Fever :)

I am 5'10" and have no problem wearing 3" heels. My husband is 5' 10" also.

I hate playing video games. I can't even beat level 2 in the original Mario Brothers

I ran cross country in high school trying to make myself love running... it didn't work

I don't like most fruits. Anything with seeds, forget it. But I love vegetables, almost any kind.


why oh why is it that every stinkin time I go to costco with my girlies do we end up with a spilled pop on the floor?
it's like one of things that MUST happen every time we go.

I've tried to eat before we shop... thinking they would have little tummies full of pop and not have the need to hold it and then spill it
I've tried eating afterwards... and before we can get through the exit door... their pop is on the floor!
Thankfully I get to leave the clean up to an unfortunate costco worker, but honestly...

I guess the only way to avoid spills is to not get anything to eat or drink while we're there.

but what fun is that?!


Can I Copy?

I have been putting together some ideas for my bedroom. Thinking a lot about how to have a bedroom/office and still make it attractive and easy to keep organized. Here's my inspiration for the office section. I LOVE Tara Whitney's photography & she happens to have a rockin workspace too! And I happen to have an old door that I've been savin for some special project! Yeah! I'll show the finished product I'm hoping to redo my bedroom in the next few months:)


Take me to your leader

So when I finally have a boy, (knock on wood to not jinx myself) he must have a robot room, old school style. I kinda love all these prints from etsy and totally want all of them, but I WILL NOT buy anything boy until I know there is one growing in my belly. I might be kinda superstitious and know that the second I start stocking up on attractive boy things, I will be destined to a life of big hair bows, mary janes and ruffly panties.


I want to share some of the pictures I have been working on lately because I LOVE to look at pictures on other people's blogs. So here's some eye candy for the weekend :)


I'm starting to feel the need to eat dinner outside like every night now and soak up the gorgeous weather and I just can't stop cooking on the grill. I think I need to purchase some lighting now to... you know set the mood :)Any other suggestions? I already have several like this from Mexico.


Miss Jenny

Look at this hot girlfriend that I got to take pictures of the other day!
She's actually my cousin Jenny & these are her senior pictures. She was so fun and cute!
Just wanted to share a peek into the many attractive pictures from the shoot :)


So on Friday we got to hang out with some of our fun friends the Nelsons. They used to live just down the street, but moved to California and we miss them. Eden used to LOVE having Tatum over to play, so they love to hang out when they get the chance. Here they are playing at Tatum's Grandma Grr's house and loving every second! We miss you Nelsons & love to hang out when you come down... especially when we go swimming ;)