The Possibilities

So, I kinda really want to re-do my room. Wait...... scratch that. I can't re-do my room if I have never done my room now can I? Last February my wonderful sissies and Madre helped me paint. And I bought a bed from Z Gallery when I was first married, but I have never gotten around to having the money to totally make my room an amazing, relaxing spot for just me and Lee.

Here's my inspiration:

Love this:

Also Loving this:(I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Zebra. Must be my wild side...)

So does anybody have any other catalog ideas or companies that are amazing I might not know about? Not too concerned about prices from companies..... I'm mostly looking for some inspiration ideas. Like I have the money to redo my room for thousands of dollars. I also could go really girly and shabby like things from domestic bliss. I just need to do something! Share your knowledge por favor.


Who Loves Bowling? We Do! We Do!!

Annie's fav pastime of all is bowling. So we loaded up the people who are the most fun (sorry Emmy) and headed down to Brunswick for a good time.

Eden and Bubs were the power team.Someone was totally into the game and rockin it!
Ok, someone else was too, just not rockin' it :)
And I was being the family muppet.
We met Annie's friend Jordan & her family there and had a blast. Of course we did.... hellllooooo we were at a bowling alley.

Dad was the best at making grumpy(aka the one who had but 1 hour of a nap) happy. Yeah for Dad!!! :)

All in all a fabulous Veterans' Day!!


Scripture Specs

I love Delia
I love nursery
I love Sundays


Me & my Mac

I have a new best friend. His name is Mac. We do EVERYTHING TOGETHER. He is so sharp around the edges and knows everything. I think our relationship is getting a little out of hand though.
Its wedding season and I am editing like a million hours a day.
I figure I should update my resume:


my family's personal chef
YW mutual planner
story book reader
neighborhood park chaparone
blog stalker
going crazy!

here's a few things I've been working on lately!


Mmmmhhhhhh do-nut

Really, really, really wish I was here right now.

I kinda love The Land.

Or maybe the churros are just calling my name right now....


Twas the Day after Halloween

Twas the Day after Halloween
and all through the house.
No children were stirring
(except for Dad who had to go to work)

Amanda got up early
ready for the sales!
Emily came over quickly
school?! who cares!

then off to Albertsons'
for all things 99 cents
a spooky gingerbread house
I bought 2! I'm not a chintz.
(kind of a lame rhyme sorry)

Micheals held out on us
NOTHING was cheap!
Martha, you jerk!
then on down the street

to Target we went
our last chance for candy
OH MY! what they had
self control?! NOT Amandy :)

amazing pumpkin salad plates
for under a buck

and a table runner (how creepy)
what a bargain we struck!

the moral of the story:
don't count on Wal-Mart
for their 25 cent treasures?
only for Sandra (bless her little heart)