Cousin Fun

During Christmas Break Lee's cousins(/my favorites people ever!) had some of the girl cousins come over to make a music video. The girls LOVED LOVED LOVED it! I loved it too... until they started singing the song when they woke up, as they ate breakfast, while they got dressed, as they made their beds, while they played, all day long, seriously all DAY LONG!!!!!

Thank you so much Carly my girls want to watch themselves 50 times a day :)


I do

Last week I shot my cousin Trevor and his soon to be wife(!) Adrianne's preshoot. They are so super cute and have been together for ages! I know their wedding will be amazing, Adrianne has such fun style! I'm loving the blue in this picture :)


tea for two... me & you sis

So this afternoon us girlies ventured around the corner from our house to have a tea party. I've been eyeing this spot for a shoot because I LOVE the colors! Here's just one from our tea time... I'll show some more once I have time to edit them :) ............. did I ever mention I adore girlies?


Happy happy birthday!

Somebody LOVES their birthday! (and yes I know she may have inherited that quality from her mother, but hey... is that really a bad thing to love?!) Eden grew to the old age of five on Friday and we are barely recovering from the blast of birthday events we had :) We started out with a family bike ride at the park (we love our new bikes and are getting some good exercise as of late)Any person riding rides on their birthday gets to ride on the train for free, so we hit up the rides.The girlies had so so so much fun. And my favorite part is that they HAD to take their kittens, Snowball and Snowflake (poor little sister always gets stuck with second best. Eden named her kitty first, therefore, delia's is named the next best thing.... Snowflake)
When they rode on the jetski ride, they stuffed the kitties underneath them and sat on them to keep them safe. Why the heck did Santa bring the girls new bikes when they were COMPLETELY happy with white toy kitties? (way easier for the elves to make and probably cheaper to ship on the sleigh)(note their kitties under their arms) Eden had a birthday dinner and was so excited for her cake. Her Grandma Lainey was quite the entertainer as she grew up (this might be where Eden gets it from) and she has taught Eden to always pose for the camera like this:We LOVE Eden and couldn't have chosen a better big sister for our family. She is my best helper around the house, with delia, and thinking of others first :)

Some things Eden really loves right now:

playing pretend, especially when she gets to head up the storyline :)
her amazing preschool and teacher Miss Leah


drawing pictures: high heels, fancy dresses, details right down to rings on fingers and eyebrows

learning how to ride her bike better than ever
plain brocolli
playing polly pockets for hours with delia
taking pictures

telling you things that she knows but you don't know about bubble gum
her loose tooth

Oh Earbug... you are growing up too fast! But I am so proud of the big girl you are growing to be! I know you will love this next year as you are five years old. So many changes in starting school, learning independence, reading, making new friends and really discovering who you are and what you are about!


Life's Lemons

Little girlies grow up more and more every day... and 5 years ago tomorrow I became a mother. I am sure with all the busy things that steal away our moments that before I know it, I'll have teenage girlies and then be a grandma.
So, I guess I just have to chuckle when I pick up the dance bag and it seriously weighs 20 pounds.
(and yeah those are my Christmas tree lights in the background. So I haven't taken down my tree yet. Lay off, I've been busy!)

With puzzlement I unzip the bag only to find my lemon tree's whole season of labor. At least when I think about my whole season's labors its bigger then the contents of a dance bag.


cruisin for a bruisin

We all got bikes from Santa this year and have been loving to go on bike rides together. Eden hasn't quite figured out the brakes yet, instead she prefers the ejection button. As soon as she starts wobbling she jumps off and the bike goes suiciding (sp?.. is it even a word?) away.But even through the scrapping knees she's determined to figure it out.
Delia is getting good at riding. Her favorite part of the whole bike thing is her horn. She might dance and shimmy as she rides too. (ok she got that from me as a kid)