Saving my Pennies

I am saving my pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters to go to this boutique! So many attractive things to buy :) A friend and I will have a booth and have many many many headbands and necklaces for the offering! If you are looking for all things ruffled, frilly and sparkly.... COME HERE!


Me today

Tonight at 11:22pm as I am rushing to finish my daily jobs of cleaning and dishes and editing and preschool.. I mean joyschool (delia always corrects me) I glanced at a shelf in my kitchen to find delia's hand prints all over in the dust. Yeah the shelf was dusty... having 3 kids is getting to me alright.

And I thought, I am grateful for those hand prints. The moments I spent with sweet 3 year old delia or wide eyed 5 year old Eden or giggling and drooly 3 month old Gwen are the most precious things to have. Tomorrow they will grow older and change and I must cherish every moment.

I must be getting older, because I am beginning to not care how perfect everything looks, or if I dazzle everyone with my handmade whatevers and just want to soak up every dinnertable conversation, or funny things Eden tells me about her school day. How sweet Eden is to ask a less popular boy in her class to play at recess, or delia high fiving Santa at the Mall and then turning to me and saying..."Its just a guy dressed up" so matter of factly :)

I LOVE my life today and tomorrow and next week, just as it is.

And my best part of each day is my family.


I trade you one smile for a cupcake

Pink boots, pink cupcakes and lots of silly giggles... hey whatever it takes to get a little girlie to smile right? :) Thanks Westergards for a fun time with your family! Check out my photoblog for more pictures!


Monkey see, Monkey do

So sweet to have this girlLoving this girlAnd making Mom a little mad that she could get her to smile better than I could!