Grim Grin and Ghosts come out to Socialize!!!!!

Last night the spooky souls came out for a party at the Jones' Home. First we made a dinner in a pumpkin.
Thanks to our old neighbor friend Stacy Hoyt for the amazing recipe:) It was delicious & so easy! You can find it on her blog.

Then we ventured out back for some gut wrenching pumpkin carving.

It was really spooky

We worked up quite a sweat scooping out guts (which Annie HATED!!!) so we went inside and made goulish sugar cookies (the softest you've ever had) Here's the recipe from our scrappy friend Leslie!
Sugar Cookies
4 c. flour
1 c. sour cream
1 tsp. salt
1 c. crisco
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
1 1/2 c. sugar
Mix, Chill, Roll, Cut!
Bake at 350 for 9 minutes.

Then we enjoyed our labors as we watched Hocus Pocus. Eden thought it was a little scary! Now we are officially ready for Halloween!


My Lovely Hubby

(some serious Husband bragging is about to ensue, if you feel you may gag don't read ahead!)

Wednesday we had our 5th anniversary, and unfortunately our YW didn't want to cancel mutual due to the blessed event! I couldn't believe it.
We therefore had to move our plans to Thursday. Our plans which included WHO KNOWS WHAT?! Lee is the suprise maker in our house and he NEVER gives me even ONE clue! It kind of drives me crazy.
So not to drag this out to forever I will list the amazing elements of our evening. I left the camera in the car so there is just the one picture we took as we dropped the girls at my parent's house:)
driving for 30 minutes to a mysterious destination
candlelight dinner under a full moon with the lake sparkling below us
the dock at Saguaro Lake where he proposed 5 1/2 years before
tasty steak dinner with REAL silverware (quite an accomplishment when boys are planning)
a big band love mix in the CD player
a cool breeze making the night all the more snugglier
and to top it off a little box topped with a bow holding something dazzling inside, just for me!

You may be asking yourself if my husband is actually a real male since everything was so perfect... and yes he is.


Old Jewish Men

I kind of love Eden being almost 4 years old. My sisters keep saying the same thing I keep thinking...."Eden is like a kid now?!"
Pretty much in point two seconds your kids go from an infant, looking like an old Jewish man(apparently how my kids look according to Devin Fletcher) to a full fledged adult.

This afternoon Eden was pouring out her extremely random words of wisdom and told me "We better be careful mom or we will grow a "ort" on our nose like a witch. I loved it. :)
Then like ten minutes later she announced that Donny "Azman" sang the song from Little Foot. What?! I couldn't be prouder.... My little three year old knows who Donny Ozman is!!! Whatever.


Caped Crusaders

I introduce to you Captain Butterfly & Madame Pickles.

These superheroes are often found flying down the hall, bonking each other on the head & making messes with their super-human strength!

Delia... I mean Madame Pickles wasn't too sure about keeping her cape on. I guess she doesn't need a cape to have superpowers :)

A special thanks to Aunt Alyssa who taught my girls of their special super powers!


October Break

We love to make sugar cookies with our Porter cousins & got together over October break. My favorite was the Doctor Octavious aka supposed to be a spooky spider :) Don't you just love the sprinkles and frosting colors? I kinda wish sometimes that I was a professional cookie decorator. Here's our cousins TJ, Natalie, Elaina, Tyler, Maddie & my girls


The Nacho

Hhmmmmm well I guess you all think I'm totally weird or else just my husband is totally weird because I was kidding about Lee's costume. I don't know if your husbands are better at dressing for the holiday but mine has yet to don a costume. :( I told him last year that I'd make an Elf costume but I think the green tights were a little too forward for him. Do your husbands dress up? If so please include pictures. If not, maybe you could throw over a few suggestions of something hilarious but not too naked for Lee to become. (ie. he wanted to be Nacho Libro but he has more of the build of Escileto than Nacho. Elf would be hilarious, but I don't know how I feel about green tights for his pants)


Choosing a Costume

After much thought and consideration Lee has finally decided what he wants to be this year for Halloween:
He's decided to model his costume after this kind gentleman I met while in Hawaii. I hope he shows as much leg. I couldn't be happier :)


Handy's Brother

So I've finally finished(for the moment) my Halloween Table. Whenever I decorate or make a project I kind of just use what ever I have around the house, so sometimes it takes me awhile to finish.
Notice the lack of trick or treat candy in my jars. That would be thanks to my husband. I ate like two candies and Lee still has smaller thighs than I do. (he might kill me for saying that :)
Only 22 more days till Halloween Night!


Shoppin the TOP shelf

So like almost EVERY single day I eat the same thing for lunch. You would think I would get tired of it, but I really don't. I love love love salad and make it tons of different ways, so technicly(i am the worst speller) its different. This weekend we went to Jason's deli with Corri & Becca and the husbands and I forgot how amazing their salad bar is! I was inspired to try some new stuff on my salad and it was amazing! So I went to the grocery and got the new salad accessories. I found out the grocery stores hide ALL of their best products on the TOP shelf. I don't know, but they may be prejudice against short people(thankfully I am a full 5' 10") Why would they put the best products just above eye level?! So here's my amazing salad for today. Its the usual spinach greens then the deliciousness: feta w/ red bell pepper & garlic, artichokes quartered, kalamata olives and basalmic vinigrette. Pretty much a party in your mouth. I also threw a picture of Eden in for good mesure. She was coloring a picture of Elmo for Pickles(aka delia)


confessions of a house-wife

I'm having an affair. There I've said it. I feel so much better now.

I met him at the public library of all places. I don't know.... he just makes me feel sooo good :)
But its ok, my husband is ok with it ;) I love the men in my life.


the adventures of a weekend

So on Saturday my wonderful sisters and I went to this super fun and cute boutique,

where I found this fabulous bird cage. I had been looking for some kind of bird cage to put in Eden's room and this was exact-o-mundo what I pictured! And I didn't mind that it was marked half off too :)
We found so many cute things at the Junque sale! They had the cutest jewelry and amazing clothes by She She Frock, a company that totally rocks (amazing prices too!) I'm so glad Laura heard about this cutest ever sale and hope they keep having them! Next time I'll let you know about it too! So perfect in the historic district of Mesa!


tutu many pictures

So I finished the rest of Eden's pictures from this weekend. I was kind of just messing around with actions and stuff, so I made some pictures have different looks than I usually do. ps. Emily says the picture of Eden with the picture frame is a little too naked and there are wierd perv men who will enjoy looking at it. Honest opinions only! What do you think? Is she just pulling the Sanrda card or am I a little too personal?

Wow-zers that was a TON of pictures! Oh well if I spent the time to work on them I might as well show them off. :)