Its been awhile.

Eden has been jealous. Of what? Well... delia's birthday post has been up FOREVER mom!!! My birthday post was just up for a few days she tells me! Shesh. Who's counting? Apparently my 6 year old.

Ok.. our life in no particular order:

We went to the easter pagent. Eden was too nervous to go up to the cast and get pictures. That girl is nervous nellie for LIFE!
Gwen LOVED the Easter pagent, sike! (I don't even know how to spell pyske, and I think its a good thing!)
We went quading over Easter weekend. Lee rolled his and ate the mountain.
Then his smart wife agreed to let him sell his car and get this:
Am I an idiot? No, don't answer that... just know that I at least have him insured :) side note.. he sold that bike and got a bigger safer one. I really do love him, and I might not mind jumping on the back to ride up and down the street. I do not know what this does for my classy attitude.

Gwen got a play pen. Gwen loves floppy bows.
delia milked a cow
Eden rode a horse
Gwen ate a graham cracker
Eden had her last signing group recital :( We LOVE Miss Candice and Miss Maren. The theme was silly songs.
Gwen upgraded her headband for an even bigger one :)No, I'm not hideous, it wasn't hers. But it was really cute on delia, and Maren :)

and now for a plug for our photo company
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