4 year old

Just a few pictures of the birthday celebration to finish up delia's weekend.

She loved...
*riding in the caboose on the train at the mall
*getting a ruffly yellow swimsuit to get her ready for the summer
*going to get her fingers and toes painted with Laura
*getting a LPS that Eden bought with her own money (that's short for littlest pet shop, if you don't have a little girl to know)
*picking out the details for her cake
*wearing her birthday outfit and telling EVERYONE we saw that she was four!!

an impromptu family picure:
Love you bunches delia! You are so sweet and such a fun girl!


If I were king dilly dilly.. you'd be my queen

There is something magic about being little.

Waking up to find streamers and a birthday banner hanging from your little bottom bunk and your birthday is already the best day all year.

March 17th, 2006, St Patty's day. I was due with my 2nd little girlie.

The hospital called me in to be induced, and because I envisioned my delia receiving nothing but shamrock sunglasses and green beaded necklaces for her birthday for the REST of her life, I told them no thank you very much, and to call me back the next day.

The little sneak tricked us anyways and has sparkily green eyes, but at least they don't compliment her birthday outfit. Although when I take a picture of her every year on the last sunset of her previous aged year there are remnants of her cute green outfit.

Exhibit #1 (green skirt I busted out at 1am the day/morning before/of the green holiday)

Exhibit #2

I LOVE these images and never clean them up because it helps me remember her little personality from that year. Knees covered in black from jumping on the tramp all day long at the neighbors house.... crusties all over her little face from snacks wearing nothing but a dirty tee and a diaper, sporting her popeye wink that was a household fixture that year :)

delia I love you and your contant teasinging, your attitude that knows you can accomplish anything!

*your baby curls that are almost grown out
*your sassy saying lately of 'of course you are'
*hearing you say I CAN'T!! at least 16 times a day
*you sneaking back into your room after we've gotten dressed for the day to find a skirt to wear.
*your love for all fruits and vegetables; they are the first thing gone on your plate
*the way you can shake your hips and the things you are learning at your dance class (I'm cute!)
*your amazing talent to memorize words to songs in 2 seconds flat
*how sweet you are to your little sister to make her laugh when she is feeling grouchy

love you to the moon and back my little lavenders blue dilly dilly! I know your next year will be full of happiness and amazing things!


Pi in your face! & no, I didn't spell pi wrong!

Hey come here a second! There's something I gotta tell ya!
Do you know what Sunday is? March 14th… 3/14… 3.14 – aka - National Pi Day!

So in celebration of not having mathematical brains (3.141593), we are officially launching our new company,

Pie in the Sky Photography!!!

Come see our new website and blog at www.pieintheskyphotography.com

To kick off this hullaballoo, we want to give away a free family shoot!

Entering the giveaway is easy; you simply need to link
our blog to your blog/facebook, and leave a comment on our blog letting us know what kind of pie is your favorite (and we don’t mean mathematical!!!).

Entrance for the giveaway closes at midnight (AZ time) on Saturday, March 20. So spread the word and help us 'make the GOOD life look a little BETTER!' (its our company's slogan heehee!)


I WON on Design Mom!!!!

With sleepy eyes I checked my email this morning to find:

Congrats! Please let me know what color tote you would like and your address, and I will get one in the mail for you right away.

Thanks for entering the giveaway!

Kind regards,
Jo TotesYou see, out of the 1580 entries, at Design Mom...little old me WON this beaut!!

Which is FANTASTIC! seeing how my bowling bag of a purse (I do love it Meemers) is getting a bit old. AND I will be needing to lug around my camera a whole lot more because Lee and I finally decided to go PRO! We are starting our own Photo Company full time and HARDCORE!!

So here's a sneek peak of what is to come:

Same thing as what you are used to seeing... lots of color, fun and attractive people :) Now just a bit more accessible for your pleasure!

We've decided on the alias of Pie in the Sky Photography.... which has quite a story. A story to share on another day! I've got to get back to work on our website :) AHHHHH!

I am so excited!