does knocking on wood really do anything?!

Knock on wood.... but I have been feeling way less stress this holiday season! It may be because we aren't worrying about buying the world, but focusing on family and traditions and Christ.

Starting in January our family blog is merging with our
photo blog! I am ready to have everything in the same place and Lee has been helping me come up with some new great things for our photo company :)

But until then....

Here's a bit of what we've been up to:

delia's head was almost eaten alive by a hairbow while fake-ice skating

took family pictures with
awesome Wendy from Blue Lily

Eden taught us a class on how to pose for pictures out on the back patio one Sunday after church

and Gwen LOVING life before going to see the boring Tempe Christmas Lights Parade (disclaimer it hasn't been a bust in the past, but lame-o for 2010)

sidenote: I think I really down deep don't know how to change my blog header.... it has a tally and we are going to have to change the 1 boy to 2 boys, I don't know what to do about that... not as funny now that Lee isnt bombarded by girls... easy way out, merge blogs.

done and done!


do you know?

I've been thinking a lot lately about what kind of mother I am. After all, I am preparing to be a mom to FOUR!!! I'm loving that I choose to do less and make my family and home my #1 priority.

This article by one of the best speakers sums it all up and should be read by all women in the world.

I also wanted to share and remind myself about these super tasty dinners I've made lately. They are so fall and perfect with the changing weather. Now if only the leaves would change :(

Egg Noodles

Sweet Potato Shepherd's Pie--- delish!

Pot of Chili

Haven't made these yet, but cupcakes in a jar?! Love it!


Found it.

Tonight we lined up on the couch and watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Snacking on candy corn caramel popcorn and dreaming of the upcoming season.....

I couldn't help but browse for Christmas presents after the girlies went to bed.

I told Lee all I wanted this year was a basket for my bike. I think I found it.

What are you eyeballing for presents this year?


Grim Grinning Ghosts!!!

Whewww!!! what a week! Halloween is my favorite holiday, but shesh! the older kids get and the more parties etc we have... I am totally wiped out!

Monday: Went to the dr 1st thing in the morning. I was only 16.5 weeks along, but the dr asked if I wanted an ultrasound and I told him it was our 8th anniversary the day before. Wouldn't it be an awesome present to surprise Lee with our baby's gender?! Well turned out to be a SUPER GOOD AND AMAZING present, because next thing I knew, I was at costco ordering hotdogs for lunch. Wrapping our little baby boy's ultrasound pictures around a weenie for Lee's lunch and driving to his work to surprise him. It was a hoot!Speaking of hoots, super fun cupcakes that the girls decorated this week:

Wednesday: Gwenny chowing her pumpkin pancakes. Yummm.

Thursday: Annual Halloween Dinner Carnival with friends. Always a pleasure. Full of magic, lizard lips, and dragon's tounges this year.
A fantastic witch's brew and lots of immagination. As a mom I am learning kids just love being together in costume, playing uninterupted. Which is fine with me.... I kinda like to talk :) Candice hosted this year and had such fun activities. The kids put together a witch's brew from a selection of crushed skeleton bones, dragon's tounges, ghost's hearts, lizard lips, and a few other creepy and super fun ingredients. The kids were GROSSED out! Later when Candice pulled a switchero and traded the pot of brew for a yummy slush they were all too scared to taste it.

Friday: Eden took mummy wrapped water bottles for their class Halloween Picnic.

Saturday: Neighborhood chili cook off and trunk or treat.
The girls LOVED getting into costume and complete make up. I am totally loving their ages and little personalities. Not to mention my sweet little kitty Gwen who loved to walk around and swish her tail. That girl. And can't end this without showing off my hilarious Lee's character this year.

He was Hot Rod and didn't break character.
Well.... maybe for a second when his stunt went wrong and he clocked the neighbor boy with his skate board.

And I'm off to snuggle on the couch and watch a movie. Oh, and scrub my face so I don't have green pores in the morning.


coming up for air

hmmff. life happens, whether you blog about it or not.

But, to help me remember, here's a few things that we've been up to since 05/10.. yikes I haven't really blogged for that long!!

August: took the plunge and started cooking baby porter #4; I'm completely sick and avoid the world at all possible costs. no.... really.

September: Lee turned 30 and I surprised him with a trip to Boston.
Had too much for for too short of a time. The girls stayed home with Liz and they may like her better than me all because she bought them a zuzu pet and a butterfly barbie. hmm.. anything else for September? Ohhhh yes. Killed ourselves, no wanted to kill ourselves helping move my dad and sisters out of their house. The Jones' Family Home? RIP.

October: awesome General Conference, Went to The Land and Sea World for October Break, still feeling sick...... and still to come? Annual PCC, Killer Demolition Derby at the State Fair, 10 year MHS reunion that I choose the state fair over (Sorry, too expensive for what it will be... and have you beem to the semolition derby?!, 8 year wedding Anniversary, and the best holiday of the year!!


doodles on the brain

My chalkboard that usually is filled with inspiring or witty quotes got erased today and covered in swirlies. I may keep it for awhile.
I was inspired by these beautiful images over at seesaw
Our family room got a fresh coat of paint this weekend. Its now same color as our kitchen (pictured above) and I am loving it. The color is called pensive sky from Behr and Lee has blamed much of his sitting and "thinking" on the couch on the new hue. It is so bright and cool feeling. A welcome relief to the 110 degrees we are still enduring :(

My brain is getting all the details sorted out for Gwen's 1st birthday dinner we are having this weekend. I think I'll have to take some pictures of my sassy little tan baby.

Speaking of pictures, I took some bright and fun back to school pictures for my friend this weekend that I need to share a sneak peek of:
doesn't that make you smile? That girl and her faces!!


just today.

I guess I haven't blogged yet (to catch back up), because I am simply overwhelmed.

Where to start? I've tried a few attempts at summer catch up ALL in one post.

But you see, that is overwhelming.


I've decided.

I'm just going to take it one post at a time.

Because each fun life event is too important to give just a picture and two words.
(you should never start a sentence with because p.s.)

We'll start with today. Eden our big 1st grader is off to school, and delia is just plain bored. I guess I'm not as fun to play poly pockets with. Besides, moms have work to do.

Gwenny is fast asleep taking her morning nap. Did I mention that in 10 short days my baby will be ONE?? This tiny girl has had a whole year of life!!!
delia just had me put in our favorite... Wizard of Oz and its taking all I have to not disregard my wedding edit
and go plop next to her on the couch.Have you ever seen full pop cans tied to the back of a just married car? Well these were, and the explosion when the couple pulled out was hilarious!! Coke spraying everywhere. Very clever :)

Happy Friday!!

Do you have a date planned? We are hitting up Lolo's for some tasty chicken and waffles. We walked in as first timers last Friday and I instantly decided I liked the place as my ears soaked up Lauryn Hill and they had a HUGE red velet cake displayed for the tasting. Not to mention the sweet red kool-aid in mason jars. mmmmmm.


fun with casts :(

Maybe I've been too busy enjoying life to document it? Busy summer. To say the least.
Brief recap: swim lessons, biking down volcanos, girls camp hilariousness, lots of stomach bug :( connecting flights that take FOREVER in San Diego, broken wrists smashed to smitherinse (smither-een-se?) lots of wedding shoots, family reunion fun, marching in a parade, freezing as we watch the fireworks, amazing banana pancakes.... SO. MUCH. FUN.

our beach from Maui
smart Lee:
Dumb Lee:

This did not do our memories justice, so this is just for now, better blogging ahead!!


Belly flops and blossoms

Last night was a first for our family. Lee and I both have a past history of soaking up the rays as lifeguards, so we (or maybe just me) have been really excited for our girls to start swim team. Brings back memories of the good old days when I'd play with kiddos all day in the pool workin on my tan, then hit up filly b's and hang out with a group of 'chandler hotties' which included Lee :) until the late hours of the night. Oh the days of spending my WHOLE paycheck at the mall.

My heart melted to see Eden up on the starting block and racing across the pool. She has been working on her dive all week, and I'd hardly say it resembled a belly flop! :)
She had soo much fun playing cards with her friends, eating snacks and earning a ribbon!
Here's some artsy pictures of zinnias from my garden. I planted a TON of seeds because zinnias are one of my favorites. Love their bright colors saying hello from the nightstand by my bed.


little sis

have to share this cute little picture!

taken with our iphone so not the best quality but can you pass us that naughty mischevious little smile?!

gwenny is getting so big SO FAST!!!!

*and she climbed up there all by herself!! ahh! what am I going to do with her?!

more posts to come! Busy summer, lots of shooting... well shooting minus the gun and violence (yikes that sounds bad... lots of shooting?!)


Shabby Apple Queensland Swimsuit Giveaway


Lee and I are headed to the beach in just over 30 days. I've been looking everywhere for some cute suits, and of course Shabby Apple NEVER disappoints!

Go to
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Shabby Apple Queensland Swimsuit Giveaway


best deal of the century!!!

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Way cooler since I used an alliteration, huh?? :)

Pie In the Sky Photography


may is almost over!!

Well here comes another weekend!

Lee is showing me how to hit a ball driving range style.
We are celebrating graduations, birthdays and anniversaries.
Cleaning up after making 100 bridal shower invitations.
Gearing up for 2 weddings shoots,
and getting ready for summer in our backyard!

Eden colored the eagle on the lappy. She was super proud :)


insufficient words

this morning i asked our girlies what their favorite thing about their mom is....

eden: "i like a lot of things she makes... and she's cute"

delia: "i like her hugs"

gwen: "mamama"

it's hard for me to put into words how i feel about amanda on this mother's day.

saying "i love you" is not enough. i know if i tried to explain how i feel, it would just come out lacking, but here goes....

AMANDA, you are amazing. you are a source of strength and inspiration. you are my best friend and just being with you, hanging out, is good enough for me. just to be around you makes my day.

having you as my wife these last 7 1/2 amazing years has made me a better person. i can honestly say that i am who i am today because of you. i don't even want to think about what life would be like without you. i just hope you can continue to have patience with me as i work through my faults and weaknesses. i'm sorry for not always being the man you hope that i will be, but know that i am working at it and striving each day to be that man.

thank you for the beautiful family you have given me and thank you for being such a wonderful mother to our beautiful daughters; they love you so much, as do i. thank you for all you do for us everyday.

i know sometimes life gets busy, and it may not always seem like it, but the best part of my day, everyday, is coming home to you to see your smiling face and get a little welcome home kiss. you make my life joyful and you mean so much to me.

i love you, amanda, and hope you always know that. i can't wait for the rest of our lives together and all the wonderful things that lay ahead for us.

i love you, amanda. happy mother's day!


Its been awhile.

Eden has been jealous. Of what? Well... delia's birthday post has been up FOREVER mom!!! My birthday post was just up for a few days she tells me! Shesh. Who's counting? Apparently my 6 year old.

Ok.. our life in no particular order:

We went to the easter pagent. Eden was too nervous to go up to the cast and get pictures. That girl is nervous nellie for LIFE!
Gwen LOVED the Easter pagent, sike! (I don't even know how to spell pyske, and I think its a good thing!)
We went quading over Easter weekend. Lee rolled his and ate the mountain.
Then his smart wife agreed to let him sell his car and get this:
Am I an idiot? No, don't answer that... just know that I at least have him insured :) side note.. he sold that bike and got a bigger safer one. I really do love him, and I might not mind jumping on the back to ride up and down the street. I do not know what this does for my classy attitude.

Gwen got a play pen. Gwen loves floppy bows.
delia milked a cow
Eden rode a horse
Gwen ate a graham cracker
Eden had her last signing group recital :( We LOVE Miss Candice and Miss Maren. The theme was silly songs.
Gwen upgraded her headband for an even bigger one :)No, I'm not hideous, it wasn't hers. But it was really cute on delia, and Maren :)

and now for a plug for our photo company
aren't they fun?!Check out our blog for some more amazingness.