Sweet Treats

So isn't this company to die for? It called Rosannan inc.
They have a very attractive line of black stoneware that would be amazing for Halloween decor. But don't you wish you could have a cuter than life party for girlies and get out these fabulous dishes to use? Some day........


In the meanwhile.........

Note to anyone who bothers to even check my blog anymore.

Yes I am still alive

No I did not boycott technology or blogging, I got an amazing new monitor from apple and I needed a certain adapter to get it to work. Long story short(spared of the curse words and hatred to apple) I finally got the adapter in the mail and will shortly post some amazingness.

Dont worry I feel a longer than life post coming up!

Until then find hilariousness here

Find the cuteness here

The craftiness here ok, ok I realize I have a slight obsession with this random person I don't know, but she has some killer inspiring ideas

And the beauty here

Hopefully see ya soon!


hey check us out!

So at work Darby and I recently did a shoot that was featured on the news this morning! I didn't get interviewed but if you look close you can see me taking pictures in some of the footage! Check it out also all the pics from the shoot on our blog under trash the dress!


the time has arrived

So I have patiently waited for almost a full eighteen months for this day! I have dreamed about it. I jealously hated other people for it! (Chloe Dunn!) And now my wonderful little Delia finally has enough freakin hair to actually do it! I know...... headbands are attractive and all, but I don't appreciate my little girlie looking boyish! So her hair sprouted and grew and TA-DA! Here she is in all her glory!


witching season

I think the weather is changing. It feels different in the air. Maybe I'm just being hopeful, or maybe I'm just excited for decorating like this: I found this company and am in love with their Halloween section!


a.k.a. Me

All right, the 8 best, most interesting, shocking and hilarious facts about Amanda Porter:
*disclaimer: there may be more interesting or funny facts about me but they are either too embarassing or rediculious to share ;)

in no particular order:

  1. I am a fanatic about Halloween. Not the gorey killing corpses part of it, but the pumpkin, candy corn, leaves turning magical part of it. Spooky at a 5 year old's level. Side note.. I HATE scary movies. HATE.
  2. I am the world's worst speller. I firmly believe that you are either born a good speller or a struggling speller for life. IQ has nothing to do with your spelling capabilities.
  3. I might sleep deeper than anyone I know. One time my Dad accidently started our backyard on fire and I slept through the whole fire department coming to our house. I wish I could have been there to see it, but apparently I was just too tired.
  4. I LOVE being a Mom and want to have at least five kids. Maybe even seven! (if my husband's wallet is up to it.)
  5. I was signed up to go to Interior Design School out in Fountain Hills and then weeks before the school was supposed to start I found out I was pregnant. I still love decorating homes and hope to take classes someday.
  6. My favorite food is rice krispy treats. Have you ever made them with cocoa rice krispys? Delish.
  7. I really like Christmas movies. My favorite is The Grinch.
So I had to do this for work to let clients get to know me a little and I thought you all would like to know about me too :)