chocolate chololate bate' bate' chocolate

A year ago... I hosted book club at my house.

It was near valentines... I made romantic heart shaped reminder notes, chose a lovey story
(which I highly recommend) and had delectable brownie bites in a variety of flavors.

Like 2 people came.

Not that its a popularity contest, but come. I gave it my all.

So.. this year I chose a murder mystery.
(Emily's pick) and my reminder was a crisp 4"x5.5" white sheet straight out of the printer. No nonsense.

But, I couldn't resist... I still HAD to make a yummy treat. And I discovered chocolate bowls are no easy feat. -yep I rhymed:)

So after spending over an hour and making 30 chocolate covered balloons, I ended up with a finished product count of 10. Yes a third of my efforts. Bless little Stephanie's Kitchen who made 100 for some RS something. She must have gotten it down to an exact science.(or else spoke a few choice words before she completed #100)

Here's my finished product topped with gooey chocolate cake, simple vanilla bean ice cream and hot fudge.

My little girlies said it was worth the effort.

So did my book club friends :) And I'd even make them again. Minus the balloon popping and chocolate being strewn ALL over my kitchen.


I feel like us Porters' have been up to way too much fun... and I want to remember it all! So bare with me (I'll post more pictures and less talking) and I'm going to catch up with what we've been doing.

For Eden's 5th Birthday Celebration, she had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party for her sophisticated and fashionable friends

beautiful purses to hold their treats
Eden wishing for magical 5 year old things
delia smashing the butterfly pinata that would NOT DIEAll the fabulous girlies at the party (way to strike a pose Maddie)

and my favorite:
everyone surrounding the new make up stash and dreaming of becoming as pretty as a princess.

NEXT: The Dreaded Day

Poor Earbug... Nothing could have prepared for this day. Although she let her littlest tooth wiggle around in her mouth for at least a good month, that corn on the cob ruined her day. After a solid bite into the juice popping corn she yelped Uh-oh... and I realized she should not have eaten the tasty vegetable if she was to keep her beloved claim to toddlerhood.
Eden ran inside to the bathroom mirror where she wiggled the tooth with her tongue which caused it to promptly fall into her mouth. She grabbed the little guy from her mouth and tried with all her little might to place the tooth back into its spot, but with no luck.She was so super sad because she was going to miss her tooth. I guess it was a good thing because it prepared her for a few weeks later. Recently she and our neighbor friend Ryker were jumping on the trampoline. They bonked heads and Eden's mouth lost. Her top two teeth are still loose and two other bottom teeth. Our dentist says its only a matter of time before they fall out and Eden is actually getting excited to become toothless. After all think of the money she will make!


I heart you day!

Reason # 1 why I'm excited for Valentine's Day

ok, I know I love her the most just because she's mine. And she is super excited because she gets to change out her new earrings!

Reason #2 why I'm excited for Valentine's Day
This girl of mine is a crack up and loves the fun little things of her life. Hearts painted on her nails, preschool Valentine's Day Parties, getting letters in the mail and picking out flowers with Daddy for me. :)

Reason #3 why I'm excited for Valentine's Day

stephanie's kitchen's amazing chocolate bowls

Aren't these the most delish looking to die for mouth watering desserts ever? I'll let you know after I attempt to make them :)

Reason #4 why I am super excited for Valentine's Day

(It's a picture from our Halloween party where the kids got to face paint their Dads. I think I laughed so hard my tummy ached)
Going on a date with this guy and being able to talk with out girlie chatter in the background is something I can't wait for!


Ground Beef

Have you ever wondered what $85 worth of meat looks like? Well..... look no further:

Now lets ask the obvious questions.
Who in their right mind would buy that much meat? Sick!
Why in the world? And I hope that lasts a long time!

Ok let me explain myself. You see... as of late my best friends are vitamin B6, protein and Zantax. Gross you exclaim! What is going on with her? Well dear friends my body has been taken over by a 1.5 inch fetus who is more demanding than an overly tired 2 year old.

Yes I am a carnivore, I've tried to downplay it as much as possible, but my sisters say I have a ravenous appetite. I could pound a cheeseburger anytime of the day. Just ask my friends. It seems that the only thing that keeps me feeling well is protein. And if you get morning sickness/ all day sickness, talk to me because this is the first time a doctor has given me anything that has helped!

So, if you haven't figured out what I am saying yet, we are expecting our 3rd baby (finally!) in August :) Yeahoo!