doodles on the brain

My chalkboard that usually is filled with inspiring or witty quotes got erased today and covered in swirlies. I may keep it for awhile.
I was inspired by these beautiful images over at seesaw
Our family room got a fresh coat of paint this weekend. Its now same color as our kitchen (pictured above) and I am loving it. The color is called pensive sky from Behr and Lee has blamed much of his sitting and "thinking" on the couch on the new hue. It is so bright and cool feeling. A welcome relief to the 110 degrees we are still enduring :(

My brain is getting all the details sorted out for Gwen's 1st birthday dinner we are having this weekend. I think I'll have to take some pictures of my sassy little tan baby.

Speaking of pictures, I took some bright and fun back to school pictures for my friend this weekend that I need to share a sneak peek of:
doesn't that make you smile? That girl and her faces!!


just today.

I guess I haven't blogged yet (to catch back up), because I am simply overwhelmed.

Where to start? I've tried a few attempts at summer catch up ALL in one post.

But you see, that is overwhelming.


I've decided.

I'm just going to take it one post at a time.

Because each fun life event is too important to give just a picture and two words.
(you should never start a sentence with because p.s.)

We'll start with today. Eden our big 1st grader is off to school, and delia is just plain bored. I guess I'm not as fun to play poly pockets with. Besides, moms have work to do.

Gwenny is fast asleep taking her morning nap. Did I mention that in 10 short days my baby will be ONE?? This tiny girl has had a whole year of life!!!
delia just had me put in our favorite... Wizard of Oz and its taking all I have to not disregard my wedding edit
and go plop next to her on the couch.Have you ever seen full pop cans tied to the back of a just married car? Well these were, and the explosion when the couple pulled out was hilarious!! Coke spraying everywhere. Very clever :)

Happy Friday!!

Do you have a date planned? We are hitting up Lolo's for some tasty chicken and waffles. We walked in as first timers last Friday and I instantly decided I liked the place as my ears soaked up Lauryn Hill and they had a HUGE red velet cake displayed for the tasting. Not to mention the sweet red kool-aid in mason jars. mmmmmm.