All in the Details

Ok ok... I know because I'm her mom I think Eden is AMAZING... but honestly I can remember back to my drawing in kindergarten and they consisted of this:

a big circle
a few stick appendages
two dots with an arch for a smile
and some hair if your lucky

Eden was sitting next to me while I was working yesterday and this is what she drew.

I know, I know.. a masterpiece to say the least!

I love how my two girlies have such different personalities.

Eden: Lover of singing, put her on a stage and boy will she perform. Great at puzzles, and draws with more detail than her 26 year old mom :)

Delia: Lets just say we couldn't keep her out of the aisles at Annie's dance concert :) She loves to dance! She is also a big time dare devil with no fear and I am positive she will teach herself how to swim before the summer is over. And did I mention she is great at teasing her big sister?!


Miss Pickles

I found an old card for my camera the other day and put it in. I was sucked back a year in time. Here's a picture from Delia's 1st birthday and then us on last Wednesday at Amazing Jakes.
Holy cow how things change in a year :)



My hilarious sissy Emily tagged me, so here ya go!

1 - Five places that I go to over and over: The garage to get out the broom, time out (oh wait that's my girls),
Jessica Claire's Blog, the flower pool(hopefully all summer.. thanks Wendy!) & the grocery store (I started coupon sense)
2 - Five people who e-mail me (regularly) : J.crew, Darby, Delia's, newlywed brides, redbox and tons of random forwards(no offense I DESPISE forwards)
3 - Five favorite places to eat: Paradise Bakery, my parents house, Cold Stone Creamery, Cheesecake Factory, Carraba's
4 - Five places I would rather be right now: Lake Powell(never been), on the back of a vespa with my husband riding around Waikiki, in L.A. watching Wicked, shooting a destination wedding anywhere(preferably the Bahamas), anyplace away from work and real life with my family
5 - Five TV shows I watch all the time: boo.. ok I'm way too busy to watch tv.. with ONE exception duh, The Office so how about blogs I'm inspired by
Project Couture Vintage

design momMartha

Here's what you are supposed to do…and please don't spoil the fun…tag 5 people to post this on their blog... k, I'm not too sure if anyone and who reads my blog, so this is really hard to pick people to pick... how bout Leah M., Candice D. , Bubs, Ashlee, and anyone else!


Failing to wait

So sometimes as a photographer, as you are snapping pictures you are thinking in your head:

"Holy cow these pictures are going to be beautiful!"

And then you can't wait to get them home and loaded in to your computer so that you can take a peek.

I tried to wait as long as I could before I even skimmed through these pictures. I have a strict Photo Editing/Album Schedule and a boss to report to mind you. But I couldn't help myself and I just had to try out a few pictures to see what I took. AND...... Holy cow these pictures are going to be beautiful!


Chad & Rachel

It's the most fun when three things happen:

1.Your friends are getting married

2.You get to take their pictures and they want to take them at the fair.

3.They are really attractive.. thus making the picture taking all the easier :)


Cinco de Mayo

Man oh man did we have a rockin Cinco de Mayo party! Mostly it was the best because we had so many fun friends come and share the evening with us!
One of my best friends, Corri, came and helped me with the cooking and even if I say so myself it was super tasty!
I used Stephanie Romney's tasty versions of Cafe Rio(ish) rice and ranch and I made pulled pork which was kinda of amazing... ok I love food :)
It was so fun to have so many friends there and all the little babies! I am seriously so excited for friends to start their families, because we were the only ones with kids for so long!

Annie ended up busting the pinata and there were chicklets and mexican candy(sick) everywhere. Thanks everyone for coming and bringing something. Especially thanks to Ashlee and Chad H. for their representation in their panchos!