Delia had her 18 month check up a week ago.... yeah we were a little late on the scheduling (like 3 months) but hey...... we were switching insurances. So, anyways the doctor asked if she was showing interest in pottie training yet, um.. yeah! I told him I can't keep her clothes on because she thinks she needs to try like 50xs a day. I was nipping it in the bud and putting onsies on her, because I'm pretty sure she (I'm) not ready to start. The medically certified caregiver told me I should applaude her interest and begin the war. So now Eden and Delia hang out in the bathroom for at least an hour each day. Aren't doctors wonderful. I'm pretty sure he laughed histaricly after he left our room having told me to start pottie training my 20 month old and thinking of the crazy days I would have ahead. Love it.


Pretty Posies

Practically Perfect Peonies?........pretty much.


Avery Day

Corri's baby shower was on Saturday and it was pretty much the most attractive shower I have been to yet! I guess that's because Corri is the most delicious girl ever!

The girl is still wearing her tiny seven jeans with days until her due date!
She made the most adorable quilt for Avery and her nursery is super attractivo.... Corri is great at having her own style and making everyone else amazed at her mad skills.

I am so glad to have awesome friends that are so kind and loving. You girls are truly my family and I am so grateful for the years of memories we have been through. ( I will spare us the pictures I could insert here from like 10 years ago!) Wish you could have been there Ash!

Love to you all!


In the Know

So, I figure since I've been working in the wedding industry for over a year now, I now know everything there is to know about the best day of your life.

I do.

So I've come up with a few factoids:

#1. There will always be a female guest who is wearing an electric blue dress that is either too low, too short, too small or all of the above.

#2. There is some type of magnetism between the garter and the un-married male's head who catches it. He always puts it directly on his head and looks ridiculous.

#3. Mono cromatic bouquets always look the best.... in my opinion :)

#4. Most everyone is a little too sloshed to get their picture taken after 10:30pm. Sometimes earlier.

#5. Cakes+flowers on top= always attractive.

#6.There is almost always one of the bridesmaids who is "in charge". She is the expert to go to with any & all questions about the wedding day, how your hair looks, which shoes you should wear, etc.

#7. You should walk down the aisle after the ceremony slowly. Enjoy each moment as a new Mr. & Mrs. & it is always an amazing photo op.

#8. Seeing your soon to be spouse before the ceremony is a must. Pictures will be out of the way before you walk down the aisle, your make up & hair will look better for the pictures & your husband will still think you look stunning as you walk down the aisle to him.

#9. DJs always make good conversation as an interesting dinner partner.

#10. Wedding coordinators can make or break the happiness of your wedding day.

#11. DJs who dance along with their music are not the DJ for you.


The Possibilities

So, I kinda really want to re-do my room. Wait...... scratch that. I can't re-do my room if I have never done my room now can I? Last February my wonderful sissies and Madre helped me paint. And I bought a bed from Z Gallery when I was first married, but I have never gotten around to having the money to totally make my room an amazing, relaxing spot for just me and Lee.

Here's my inspiration:

Love this:

Also Loving this:(I have always had a soft spot in my heart for Zebra. Must be my wild side...)

So does anybody have any other catalog ideas or companies that are amazing I might not know about? Not too concerned about prices from companies..... I'm mostly looking for some inspiration ideas. Like I have the money to redo my room for thousands of dollars. I also could go really girly and shabby like things from domestic bliss. I just need to do something! Share your knowledge por favor.


Who Loves Bowling? We Do! We Do!!

Annie's fav pastime of all is bowling. So we loaded up the people who are the most fun (sorry Emmy) and headed down to Brunswick for a good time.

Eden and Bubs were the power team.Someone was totally into the game and rockin it!
Ok, someone else was too, just not rockin' it :)
And I was being the family muppet.
We met Annie's friend Jordan & her family there and had a blast. Of course we did.... hellllooooo we were at a bowling alley.

Dad was the best at making grumpy(aka the one who had but 1 hour of a nap) happy. Yeah for Dad!!! :)

All in all a fabulous Veterans' Day!!


Scripture Specs

I love Delia
I love nursery
I love Sundays


Me & my Mac

I have a new best friend. His name is Mac. We do EVERYTHING TOGETHER. He is so sharp around the edges and knows everything. I think our relationship is getting a little out of hand though.
Its wedding season and I am editing like a million hours a day.
I figure I should update my resume:


my family's personal chef
YW mutual planner
story book reader
neighborhood park chaparone
blog stalker
going crazy!

here's a few things I've been working on lately!


Mmmmhhhhhh do-nut

Really, really, really wish I was here right now.

I kinda love The Land.

Or maybe the churros are just calling my name right now....


Twas the Day after Halloween

Twas the Day after Halloween
and all through the house.
No children were stirring
(except for Dad who had to go to work)

Amanda got up early
ready for the sales!
Emily came over quickly
school?! who cares!

then off to Albertsons'
for all things 99 cents
a spooky gingerbread house
I bought 2! I'm not a chintz.
(kind of a lame rhyme sorry)

Micheals held out on us
NOTHING was cheap!
Martha, you jerk!
then on down the street

to Target we went
our last chance for candy
OH MY! what they had
self control?! NOT Amandy :)

amazing pumpkin salad plates
for under a buck

and a table runner (how creepy)
what a bargain we struck!

the moral of the story:
don't count on Wal-Mart
for their 25 cent treasures?
only for Sandra (bless her little heart)


Grim Grin and Ghosts come out to Socialize!!!!!

Last night the spooky souls came out for a party at the Jones' Home. First we made a dinner in a pumpkin.
Thanks to our old neighbor friend Stacy Hoyt for the amazing recipe:) It was delicious & so easy! You can find it on her blog.

Then we ventured out back for some gut wrenching pumpkin carving.

It was really spooky

We worked up quite a sweat scooping out guts (which Annie HATED!!!) so we went inside and made goulish sugar cookies (the softest you've ever had) Here's the recipe from our scrappy friend Leslie!
Sugar Cookies
4 c. flour
1 c. sour cream
1 tsp. salt
1 c. crisco
1 1/2 tsp baking soda
2 eggs
1 1/2 c. sugar
Mix, Chill, Roll, Cut!
Bake at 350 for 9 minutes.

Then we enjoyed our labors as we watched Hocus Pocus. Eden thought it was a little scary! Now we are officially ready for Halloween!


My Lovely Hubby

(some serious Husband bragging is about to ensue, if you feel you may gag don't read ahead!)

Wednesday we had our 5th anniversary, and unfortunately our YW didn't want to cancel mutual due to the blessed event! I couldn't believe it.
We therefore had to move our plans to Thursday. Our plans which included WHO KNOWS WHAT?! Lee is the suprise maker in our house and he NEVER gives me even ONE clue! It kind of drives me crazy.
So not to drag this out to forever I will list the amazing elements of our evening. I left the camera in the car so there is just the one picture we took as we dropped the girls at my parent's house:)
driving for 30 minutes to a mysterious destination
candlelight dinner under a full moon with the lake sparkling below us
the dock at Saguaro Lake where he proposed 5 1/2 years before
tasty steak dinner with REAL silverware (quite an accomplishment when boys are planning)
a big band love mix in the CD player
a cool breeze making the night all the more snugglier
and to top it off a little box topped with a bow holding something dazzling inside, just for me!

You may be asking yourself if my husband is actually a real male since everything was so perfect... and yes he is.


Old Jewish Men

I kind of love Eden being almost 4 years old. My sisters keep saying the same thing I keep thinking...."Eden is like a kid now?!"
Pretty much in point two seconds your kids go from an infant, looking like an old Jewish man(apparently how my kids look according to Devin Fletcher) to a full fledged adult.

This afternoon Eden was pouring out her extremely random words of wisdom and told me "We better be careful mom or we will grow a "ort" on our nose like a witch. I loved it. :)
Then like ten minutes later she announced that Donny "Azman" sang the song from Little Foot. What?! I couldn't be prouder.... My little three year old knows who Donny Ozman is!!! Whatever.


Caped Crusaders

I introduce to you Captain Butterfly & Madame Pickles.

These superheroes are often found flying down the hall, bonking each other on the head & making messes with their super-human strength!

Delia... I mean Madame Pickles wasn't too sure about keeping her cape on. I guess she doesn't need a cape to have superpowers :)

A special thanks to Aunt Alyssa who taught my girls of their special super powers!