Pilgrims are us!

Happy Thanksgiving! Spend time with your family and count your blessing!



Story of Pickily-poo's life lately. We hate the never ending cough! At least she is still her fun little self that does the hokey pokey while hooked up to the hose :) Poor GF! Happy Weekend! And thanks Mr. P. today for eternity!


Tastiest Pumpkin Dessert Ever!

I love love love this next week.....

anticipating getting out the Christmas things (and day after Thanksgiving shopping)

making all things pumpkin (I love almost anything pumpkin and this is TO DIE FOR!!!)
the recipe is from Kraft and its simple and seriously amazing!

Speaking of things to die for.....Itsn't he just scrumptious as well?! My husband really put on the true meaning of Halloween this year and apparently the true meaning is hilarious (even if it makes you hideous!) Yeah he's at work... and he's fairly new at work, so UOP really knows the crazy side of Lee pretty early on. Awesome.

Lee's brother Rusty left for his mission today. Yeah! Congrats Rustifer :)


Back up for the back up

So apparently I've got my backside covered at weddings I shoot. If I ever miss a shot (heaven forbid!) I can just ask my temporary bridesmaid's boyfriend (a.k.a. backup shooter to the professional) if he happened to catch the moment...... and if he fails me....

...well there's always the back up's backup to record the moment (shouldn't she be in the picture?!)

Luckily not this time. We were just getting the couple to cozy up on the couch literally minutes before they walked down the aisle to tie the knot forever! (Well in this case until death do you part) but aren't they looking attractive?
What do you think was going through their minds. They don't look nervous. ..
... not that I care as long as they work it for the camera :)

ps- I would give my right leg for her lips
pps- her flowers had almost black lilies? and some kind of leaves folded around the outer edge... so fun!


Whispered Truths

The moment that makes a LONG day filled to capacity with TOO much to do....

.... as Eden knelt by her bed saying her evening prayers..

"Please bless Daniel and Grandma Funk on their mission. Help them to be a little bit happy.... really happy."

I LOVE my girls to know the plan of salvation. That their Grandma and young Uncle are alive, ok and a little bit happy... really happy.