Mr. Etsy


Thanks for supporting me in everything that I do. I am so grateful for you and I think we make a killer team :) Not many husbands would stay up until the early hours of the morning wrapping flowers for headbands.... you= the bomb dot com :) Maybe you should open an etsy shop?
I heart our family, even if this is like the only good pic from our last family shoot. I guess that's what happens when we have 3 girlies!

Love you LP


Lovin the blue!

Just a sneek peek for Connie. Her boys were so busy and SO fun! More to come, but I knew she'd love a picture to see :)


lovein it

Check out what I've been up to lately over on my photoblog. I am so lucky to be hanging out with some of the most attractive people ever!


Sharp Talons

"OWL" love you forever my Gwenny Penny. I had to capture how cute you look today. You are finally starting to make some noise and your cooing melts my heart. You are the sweetest happiest baby... except for dreaded bath time :)You are growing so big way too fast. Love you.