a little behind....no not a bottom!

well this post is a little behind seeing that Eden is on her 3rd week of preschool but I don't care.
Here's she is on her first day.
I asked her a few questions on her way to preschool about the unknown. Her responses... totally random.

Mom: It's your first day of school, are you excited?
Mom:What do you think you will do there?
Eden: ummm........ learn stuff
Mom: Like what?
Eden: pause..... like lantana are not pokey and trees are not poisonous and about flowers.
Mom: (in my head) WHat?!

In conclusion Eden is totally random and apparently knows what lantana is. I believe she is named very appropriately is going to grow up to be an agriculturist!


my gormet cooking skills~

Um... so confession to make. I hate when I do things wrong and have extreme issues when things don't turn out perfect. Case in point: I AM DYING RIGHT NOW. I know you may think I would shy away from this term since I am really not dying and in fact I know from personal experience that WAY WAY more pain is involved in that act, but to get the point across.
Anywho.. so sitting on my counter are my sugar & flour canisters
. The same flour that I used to make chocolate chip cookies for my Mia Maid Class Presidency meeting on Sunday. So this afternoon as I was making lunch I glanced at said containers and noticed a fleck in my flour. Upon closer examination I lividly realized that there were LITTLE BROWN BUGS CRAWLING around in my flour... that I used to make chocolate chip cookies for my Mia Maid Class Presidency meeting! It could not be true.. I, Amanda Porter do not make mistakes like that?! So I picked up some of the cookies that I made and realized that some of the little brown flecks in the cookies were not chocolate chips but bugs! How many of these chocolate chip cookies did I eat over the weekend? In all honesty..... too many to mention. AND THEY WERE FULL OF BUGS! I AM DYING RIGHT NOW.
ps- don't leave your 50lb. bag of opened flour in your garage. I know... I am an idiot.


a bone to pick.....

ok.ok.... Here is my disclaminer.... I realize I can not put ALL the blame on the said perpetraitor(sp?) and that this incident could have been avoided with strong parental guidence, but FOR THE LOVE!!

So picture it. I get up at six to get some work done before the girls wake up. So of course to my delight Eden wakes up at 6:07. Way to get up early so I can't get anything I need done. Eden comes and sits next to me at the computer and starts talking. What else is there to do at 6 in the morning? Sleep? I don't know.
I suggest to the girl to take a bath since today is her first day of preschool and she needs to smell fresh and clean. Great idea mom and I start the tub for her.
Buh Buh Buh.......(the music begins)
So Eden is in the tub and I can finally get some work done:) Yes!
I start to working and get some things done. Then I realize, Eden has had the tub filling up for a little too long. Not too worried, Eden can turn off the water and pull the plug, but I go to check on her.
I know the suspense is rising....
I walk into the bathroom to see a wave comparable to North shore in the winter-time cascading over the tub onto my tile. Time stands still as if the whole world stops and I am plastered in my place as I watch the water flood all over my bathroom floor and inch across the tile to my carpet in the doorway. No!!!!
Now here comes my beef.
Why in THE WORLD would a builder put in a bathtub without an overflow?
If you have any insight to channel my anger back at myself for not watching Eden more closely please enlighten my rage :)
Happy Monday!


little girlie words

I think my Eden has turned a corner...... she used to be my darling newbie, then she turned into an adorably curly haired todler, a crazy two-year old, then my social three year old butterfly

AND NOW.......

she has driven me CRAZY!!!
Lately she repeats anything anyone says and if she isn't repeating your words she is asking WHY!
(why and mine are currently BAD words in the Porter House)
So we have spent many of the last few days at Grandma Funk's house while I help the sisters redo their bedroom and Eden hs spent alot of time with Grandpa
Yesterday she was walking, nay dancing around saying "ram-squattle rag-a-muffin...ram-squattle rag-a-muffin"
I have one thing to say:

"Too much talking!" ( as Anne would say. I'm starting to realize I may use a few too many of Anne's terms too often)


wood snow

One day this week I had some girls over and we got out the power tools and used our man skills:) We made some pictures frames (i'll post pictures once I have them finished) If you are an obsessive shopper for your home you may know the ones. They are like 8inches wide and plain flat wood. I'm painting them for the girls

room....anywho so the next morning, of course I hadn't picked up all the mess from the day before, Eden goes outside straight away and starts getting into all the stuff. I'm watching her out the back window as I work on the computer. Then she comes in and asks for some water and I ask her what its for and she said her "wood snow"
So cute! Just a little tid-bit bout whats crackin at the porterhouse