just today.

I guess I haven't blogged yet (to catch back up), because I am simply overwhelmed.

Where to start? I've tried a few attempts at summer catch up ALL in one post.

But you see, that is overwhelming.


I've decided.

I'm just going to take it one post at a time.

Because each fun life event is too important to give just a picture and two words.
(you should never start a sentence with because p.s.)

We'll start with today. Eden our big 1st grader is off to school, and delia is just plain bored. I guess I'm not as fun to play poly pockets with. Besides, moms have work to do.

Gwenny is fast asleep taking her morning nap. Did I mention that in 10 short days my baby will be ONE?? This tiny girl has had a whole year of life!!!
delia just had me put in our favorite... Wizard of Oz and its taking all I have to not disregard my wedding edit
and go plop next to her on the couch.Have you ever seen full pop cans tied to the back of a just married car? Well these were, and the explosion when the couple pulled out was hilarious!! Coke spraying everywhere. Very clever :)

Happy Friday!!

Do you have a date planned? We are hitting up Lolo's for some tasty chicken and waffles. We walked in as first timers last Friday and I instantly decided I liked the place as my ears soaked up Lauryn Hill and they had a HUGE red velet cake displayed for the tasting. Not to mention the sweet red kool-aid in mason jars. mmmmmm.


Suzanne M said...

Awesome! I didnt know you were the photographer at Kelsey's wedding! She used to be my cousin (her mom was married to my uncle). LOVE her so much!!!

angieinpink said...

sounds like i need to go to lulu's. i heart all of those things.

*cutest post. a-dore-able.