coming up for air

hmmff. life happens, whether you blog about it or not.

But, to help me remember, here's a few things that we've been up to since 05/10.. yikes I haven't really blogged for that long!!

August: took the plunge and started cooking baby porter #4; I'm completely sick and avoid the world at all possible costs. no.... really.

September: Lee turned 30 and I surprised him with a trip to Boston.
Had too much for for too short of a time. The girls stayed home with Liz and they may like her better than me all because she bought them a zuzu pet and a butterfly barbie. hmm.. anything else for September? Ohhhh yes. Killed ourselves, no wanted to kill ourselves helping move my dad and sisters out of their house. The Jones' Family Home? RIP.

October: awesome General Conference, Went to The Land and Sea World for October Break, still feeling sick...... and still to come? Annual PCC, Killer Demolition Derby at the State Fair, 10 year MHS reunion that I choose the state fair over (Sorry, too expensive for what it will be... and have you beem to the semolition derby?!, 8 year wedding Anniversary, and the best holiday of the year!!


granny said...

Congrats on #4. Sorry you are so sick! Life does happen. Sometimes blogging has to take the back seat, ya know? But I'm glad you blogged with your good news. :)

Russel and Marcie Sipes said...

Congrats WOW 4 babies?? That is awesome. I hope you start feeling better soon. Can't wait for all the fun updates.

Cluff Family said...

Congratulations Lee and Amanda on baby #4. Boston looks like it was so much fun.

angieinpink said...

awwwww....i'm so happy for you & your little addition! that is so exciting. you are the cutest mom & have the cutest babes.

sorry you're sick: that's the. worst!!! take care of yourself sis.

also: boston is my fave. so charming. glad you had a great time.

HooHoo said...

And HE'S a boy! I just heard. Congratulations on him and the rest of your monumental accomplishments. We think you're pretty amazing.